Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Two more sleeps..

The carols are playing, the shopping is done, the champers is chilling, and I'm out of mun!  Lol, how's that for some festive prose? 

But seriously, I'm sorted. The presents are complete, the food is prepared, the drinks are on ice. It's all systems go for the one big family day of the year. 

The laughs, the good natured ribbing, the tickling, the obligatory beer at 6am.. I love it. I wait all year for this one day, where we all get together to chill. 

Usually there's an over abundance of food and wine. This year, it's different. The food is home made, lovingly prepared by Cate and I, with Hugo cooking the roast for lunch. My Xmas will come ready made by loving hands not prepackaged or factory mass produced. 

The family recipes handed down from generation to generation are used, with the tricks and techniques passed on, in case one year, I'm not here. I'm one of those cooks who measure by feel, and transferring those skills to Cate is hard, almost a cup of that, a cup and a splash of that.. Maybe it would have been easier to measure, but where's the fun in that? 

I will, without a doubt, eat food I know isn't the best choice, but you know what? One bad choice doesn't make a huge difference, it's the consistent bad choices that matter. 

So, this Xmas Day, eat, drink and be merry. Love those children and laugh till your lungs hurt, but most importantly, relax, enjoy, and have a glass of champagne to celebrate a fabulous year! 

With much much love at Xmas time. 


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