Thursday, 28 May 2015

Get inspired, Get Deliberate and Get Going.

And so, once again, my blog transforms – it was started to document a physical change in my body – then to the emotional changes in my life, and now it takes another U Turn to be a vehicle for Transformational Change in the lives of others.
Regardless of how hard I have tried over the years to ignore the gentle push of the Universe, I always find myself heading back to the same topic. To help, to inspire, to support and encourage and build up those people around me.
As ridiculous as it sounds, I have always had a feeling, an inner knowing perhaps, that I was here on earth to do something important. Me? An overweight, overwhelmed single mother of 5?? Who on earth was I kidding? What great plan did I have to transform the lives of others, when I could barely keep my own head above water? At the time I didn’t know, but I do now.
Its passion.
Its the internal flame that we all have inside us to do OUR thing, regardless of what that thing is. Its our purpose. And without getting all religious and new-agey here, I believe that we are all put here for a reason, to tell our story, to deliver our words and our learning to those people who need to hear it.
Over the coming weeks, you will get to witness more and more of this. Of the story behind the person I am today. Of the techniques I had to use to get out of poverty, of the mindset I had to implement to stay positive in the face of a life threatening illness of a child, of the creativity i needed to keep us from permanent homelessness, of the utter inner belief that I somehow had, that we were going to be successful.
Anyone who knew me years ago in D Town, would remember my Grandmothers antique hallstand, that lived just inside my front door. It had a symbol drawn on the mirror in lipstick, Y2KG, and that symbol was a constant reminder for me to “Build My Brand”, to step up and into the person I knew I was inside, regardless of the external influences I was experiencing.
Those year 2000 Goals have driven me to this point. From a overweight, overwhelmed single mother drowning in debt, alcohol, bad food and regret, to a strong, positive role model to my family. From living in two tents, to owning two houses, driving two cars, and leading the best life I could ever have imagined.
You can get to live your dream life too, before its too late. I will be moving this blog to a new web host, blogging more regularly and even creating online courses in positivity, personal branding, living the life you have always dreamed of that will allow me to get the message to more people than I can physically assist at one time. Its a really exciting time for me, and for anyone looking to find their own personal magnificence.
Don’t die with your “life” still inside.
My Dad died at 73 years of age, and was still working towards his retirement. Working towards being able to live the life of his dreams. He never did.
Its now the time to get Inspired about what your Dream Life really looks like.
Its time to get Deliberate with your actions, make goals and set your path.
And it’s time to move your arse towards those goals. Now. Right this minute. Get GOING.
So, buckle up, hold on and come along for the ride. Its gonna be great fun.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A universal kick up the A*se..

Just when I thought I had this working day caper all figured out.. Along comes a curve ball.

Up till recently my daily schedule consisted of breakfast with the kids, gym, walk or ride, a couple of hours of admin work, lunch, work on my new book, then Zumba before dinner and bed with a great book. Throw in a morning coffee with friends a couple of times a week and there you have it.. A pretty relaxed life style. How lucky was I? 

What the hell was I thinking that the world would let me get away with that cruisey number for any length of time? I really should know better by now. 

If there's one thing I have learned in these past 50 odd years, it's to listen closely and go with the flow. That doesn't mean sit back and let life pass you by, it means gently go in the direction the universe pushes you. I've learned a number of times over the years, to listen, to take notice and to act. 

My biggest lesson was in 2010. For years, I had resisted leaving our family hometown, a close knit community which had become my safety cocoon, but the universe pushed and pushed and pushed, until I had no other option but to move away, to make a whole new start with the kids. Within days, our new house filled with water in the Emerald City Floods and washed away a lot of our possessions. At the time, I was devastated, the kids were coping with moving town, making new friends, finding themselves again. And then the water came and washed everything that was familiar to us, away. 

Now, I can look back and see all the good that happened. Our new community became a strong united force, with neighbours and strangers helping each other out, offering food and water, and practical assistance. We met people we would not have met, if not for the flood. It was a hard few weeks, with no water, power or food available in the shops to buy,  but it was also time we learned so much from. 

I can see now that maybe the water was also sent to cleanse us, free us from the sentimental ties to the past, push us forward onto bigger and better things. We've been given opportunities that we would never have had in D Town, we've made fabulous friends, and moved onto new jobs and new beginnings in relationships. Amongst all the sadness, was the realisation it was actually a turn for the best. 

Now again, I'm feeling the gentle push of a new direction. The world is showing me new opportunity as a means of personal growth. 

I have even been given the telltale signs of a Universal Prod. I've dreamt about the things I should be doing, projects I need to launch,  the difference I could be making in the community.  I've started to see similiar books in the library, related articles appear in my newsfeed, conversations with friends would take a weird turn, the universe is definitely conspiring to move me forward out of my comfort zone.  Oddly enough, I have an inner knowing that there is something I must to do, that it's time to get my shit together. 

No doubt you've all experienced these same symptoms. The feeling of having to be more than you are now, the feeling that perhaps you've a purpose that you aren't fulfilling. That the life you are busily building, isn't quite what it should be.. It's like you have a yearning inside for something, but what? 

If you've ever done any of my wellness training, you will be all too familiar with the phrase Feed Your Fire Not Your Face, and the realisation that what you are yearning for is not chocolate, it's purpose. 

It's passion that we seek, not comfort food. We need to find the drive inside that fuels us. We need to do what makes us alive, what makes the heart sing. You know that old adage, "Find your passion and the money will follow"? It's true. 

I'm a firm believer now that each and everyone of us has been put on earth to help someone else, by living authentically, and by telling our personal story. The real meaning of life is to love, to live what we love, and love what we do. 

In the weeks to follow, you will sense a shift also in the direction of my life, through my blogs and you will get to see first hand the beauty in the ability to live a life's purpose.

I am Jaki Mac, Author, Blogger, Transformational Speaker. Life, Business and Wellness Coach. 

At your service. 

Friday, 8 May 2015

It's Friday Yippee..

'TGIF!! The feeling of not having to get up in the morning for work, to experience a sleep in, a lazy breakfast on the deck and a mid morning gym session.., Ah, bliss.. 

Ooh hang on, I get to do that every day!! What am I thinking? How could I ever forget the feeling of my time now being completely my own? Every day? 

Every day I get up, talk to the kids till they leave for work, then the rest of my day is mine to do as I wish.. Hours and hours of time to fill full of me stuff... Am I the only person out there that finds that bloody difficult?

The kids have grown, and almost all left home. Hugo works away from home. All day every day my time is mine. 

No footy training, or ballet lessons, or chess club to ferry between.  No day care, kindy, preschool, state school pick ups and drop offs. Nothing to do for anyone else but me..

Weirdly, I now find myself being so much less productive, because I now have all the time in the world. My hair dresser appointments are less frequent, my nails no longer shellacked once a fortnight, let's just say the waxing lady doesn't go on holidays with my funds anymore either.. 

I find myself now lost between my iPad, my iPhone and my laptop. I find my books to read pile ever increasing, my blogs to read and video blogs to watch list is growing rapidly.

Remember the good ole days when you wanted to learn something, you went to TAFE or UNI? Two choices. Plain and simple. Easy. Now? I'm finding myself being so bombarded with information from every angle of my life, it's hard to stay on top of it. 

When I exercise, I use an app to track steps and calories burnt. When I read, it's usually on my IPad via the Borrowbox app, I find myself 'checking in' out for coffee with my friends, logging my food and exercise into My Fitness Pal.  

I write for a living, and of course it's all done electronically. Even my sleep gets tracked via my Fitbit.  It's like I've accidentally given up the real world and fallen into a virtual lifestyle instead..  

This shit has gotta stop. 

So, I've spent the last few weeks being gently shaken to the beginning of a new life. A new me.
I've spent umpteen hours thinking about who I am, now my kids have left 'the nest', about what I can do with all the time I have up my sleeve now. Now that I can be who ever I wish, do whatever I wish... Become whoever I want. Reinvent myself from mother, wife, book keeper, safety officer, taxi driver.

But who is it? Who the hell do I even want to be, now the choices are all mine?

What makes me happy? What feeds my internal flame of passion? What do I feel like I am here to do? What makes my heart sing? 


Helping people. Making people feel like somebody special. Smiling, laughing, sharing great times with old friends, meeting new ones. 

Buying less and doing more.

Loving, learning, living. 

I have but one wish for you all, that you too find your inner fire, your inner voice, your passion for life. 

And you get to have the opportunity to live it.

Sometimes, every one of us needs to go away somewhere quiet and simply, BE. 


Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sunday Morning Blogging.

Who could ever complain about Winter mornings in Central Qld?

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I'm off for a walk soon after this.

I'm grateful.

For absolutely everything in my world.

For the fact that I wake every morning as the sun rises, and I'm given the opportunity to spend another day in my life.

For the fact that by predominantly eating real food, my joints don't ache, and I am happy to get up and exercise. I'm grateful for the way my body now craves good nutrition, and I'm grateful that I'm now happy and healthy.

I'm grateful for the man who pulled out in front of me this morning and allowed me the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the sunshine on my bike ride.

I'm grateful Cate is volunteering at the Triathalon this morning, as it gave me the chance to breathe in that gorgeous early morning vista over Lake Fairbairn.

I'm grateful that my partner works away, as it give me time to remember all the great things I love about him, and missing him reminds me to be thankful for the times that we spend together. 

I am grateful for having realised that giving thanks for all the little things in your life, serves to increase them. It helps the mind stay focused on finding good things, rather than the negative..

On this day, let's all remember to be grateful. To give thanks for the moments that make you smile, like the first flower on your camellia, by the cheek kiss from a child, an early morning text that said nothing but a kiss emoticon that says everything. 

For life. Let's just be grateful for life. And everything in it. 

Enjoy your Sunday. 

Monday, 27 April 2015

Fitness in the Wilderness

I've been quiet here on the blog this past week because Hugo has been home for the first time all year. 

We've spent the week catching up, having coffee at the local shop, doing book work and gardening. 

We went rock climbing, we walked through National Parks and discovered places we've never been before. 

We laughed. A lot.

Usually my week is my own, and I plan it each morning over a cup of tea. I make time for writing, for blogging, for keeping in contact with my friends and for daily excerise. This week, I've gone with the flow. Not planned anything specific and just watched as the days unfolded.

Every single day, I walked over 10 thousand steps, reached my goal of daily exercise and enjoyed every second of it, with ease.  It wasn't a battle, it wasn't a "must do" on my daily To Do List. It was fun, enjoyable, rejuvenating. 

Getting fit and being healthy doesn't always have to mean hard work. I've come to see, over he years, that pushing yourself is often not the way. Being gentle, doing exercise you enjoy, being at one with yourself is the most beautiful way to get healthy. This year I've chosen to give up boot camp, in favour of Zumba. It is in now way as physical, but it makes my heart sing. I feel energised and happy after class. If I have sore muscles, Zumba has a way of relaxing them. I still do weight sessions, but not with the ferocity or comply to the rigid schedule I used to. 

Spending this week bush walking, rock climbing and hanging our in the National Park, has served as a reminder to me, how much energy can be gained by being with nature. Walking along a sandy route on a track unknown, is great fun. Learning about different sites and moments in history along the way invigorate the mind as well. It's much better for the whole of you, than walking 15k on a treadmill in the air conditioning of the gym. 

Sometimes, I too, need a little down time. A time to give thanks, to my legs for carrying me to such amazing places, for my eyes allowing me to see such natural beauty, to my ears to letting me hear the sounds of nature, and my arms for supporting me through the springs and gullies that I roam. 

We climbed to the top of a mountain and located the very best place I have ever seen to meditate. To sit quietly and watch the world, listen to the breeze and the birds and simply breathe. 

Sometimes, we all need to go away, into the bush, and simple BE. 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Have you ever stopped to think?

What if personal passion was directly responsible for metabolic burn?

Yeah I know, how ridiculous does that sound? 

But what if it's true? 

What if finding your true purpose in life and fueling that fire is all that it takes to ramp up your metabolic burn rate?

What if doing what you love makes you thin and healthy? What if sitting in a job you hate, in a company who's values are opposite to yours, is making you unwell? 

What if your digestion issues are stemmed from the fact that there are "undigested" areas in your life?

What if your extra size is directly attributed to the emotional baggage you cart around?

Holy shit.

I might be onto something. Change your thinking, change your life. 

Trust me.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

City Life by a Country Chick

For all kinds of reasons I've been in Brisbane for three weeks out of the last 4. What was once a shopping Mecca to me is evolving into an ever changing exploration. 

Everyday sees me checking MeetUps to see what's happening in this beautiful city. 

Everyday has bought new coffee shops, cafes, bus routes and friends into my world. 

Everyday has seen new exercise opportunities, new walking tracks that lead to all places unknown.

Everyday has seen my pedometer hit more than 15000 steps with ease. 

Finally,  I am feeling like I belong here. I'm finding cafes in bunkers, farmers and artisan markets. I'm finding opportunity abounds here for healthy living. 

I'm sitting in the Qld State Library Cafe, listening to a brass band and people watching. I'm waiting to attend a talk on Book Publishing, accidentally stumbling across this chance on Easter Sunday. 

To me, I'm being led to discover a new world. One full of opportunity and fun. 

The State Library has nooks and crannies to chill out, websurf, read or study. It has ever changing displays of photographs and artefacts, it has people that are walking their own path. 

Sometimes I used to feel like I was just going through the motions of life. Waking, walking, working through my days. No longer. My life is evolving as well. 

I'm more open to the syncronicity of life, to heading to a destination but happy to vary the journey to arrive. To be more aware of my surroundings, to open my eyes and ears and actually 'be' in my space. 
To feel the wind in my hair, to inhale the aroma of fresh baked goods, to smile at strangers and to truly love the world I've been given to experience. 

I feel I'm being given the opportunity to be the 'real me', as "new agey" as that sounds.  I really believe that I'm being led to find my purpose, the truth in my existence.  

How exciting is that? 

Every day, I find more and more ideas and tips that lead my thinking in a different direction. To enhance my point of veiw about all things health related. I find now when I open the internet or a magazine, the information that hits me first is exactly what I need to read. Reinforcing my beliefs in the need to fuel the fires internally as a way of increasing metabolic rate. Feed the fire, not your face.

I'm in the city, I'm seeing opportunity, I'm gathering information, I'm changing the world. Watch me.