Thursday, 13 February 2014

Maree the Superwoman.


I just finished reading a whole heaps of emails and messages via Facebook regarding your personal challenges. 100 days, seems so little time when it's compared to the rest of your life.

I think we are at Day 22 ish, as I know not everyone started on the same date. I'd love to hear more from you guys about what's going on, are you succeeding, are you struggling, are you finding it hard to find the time? Message me via Facebook or email me at

Apparently, so far,  there has been successes, there have been tears, and there have been injuries. But in all the communications I have received, there is one common  thread. There is determination. There is grit, and perspiration, and there is gumption. There is the will to succeed this time. 

And also There is my daughter in law, a beautiful girl who is undertaking to loose a bit of baby weight, after the recent birth of another gorgeous baby for me to spoil. This young woman would have to be one of the most strong minded, yet kind and compassionate people I have ever met. Maree is a Mum of three small children, her husband works away, she has recently packed up and moved house, she works, she cooks, she plays games with her kids. She also walks, and swims and exercises every day.

To me, she is a superwoman.  She achieves everything she sets her mind to, she is the epitome of SYMMYA. She knows what needs to happen, and she is doing it - along with all of her daily chores. There is no excuses, no grizzling, no whinging, no moaning. Everyday, she wakes early with my baby grandson ( cutest in the world without a doubt)  and just gets on with it. Amongst all of the other things she has to do with her allotted 24 hours, she finds the time to exercise and eat well.

She, along with all of you, is working hard to make her world better, her life healthier, and her kids life healthier. 

Somehow recently, for most of you, there has been a light bulb moment. The precise moment in time that you realise that you can do this, you can make positive change, and you are. 

Pat yourselves on the back, give yourself a huge hug! You are doing a fantastic job at making a difference.

And I can't ask for more than that. 

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