Sunday, 2 February 2014

No longer living in the beige

Anyone who's ever seen Billy Connelly knows he hates beige. 

Billy attributes beige to getting old, he seems to think that as we age, we tone ourselves down, we dye our hair beige, we wear beige coloured clothing, and our world becomes beige, boring, bland.

I remember his quote coming to mind, when I was standing at a hilltop lookout in Bath in the UK, overlooking the city. A vast arrangement of beige, and grey. Of sameness, of bland. No bloody wonder we have so many Poms in Australia, I'd go bonkers walking around without colour in my world like they do.. Even their money is beige. Boring!!!! It's like they have no oomph.

It was then I decided to get out of the Beige zone. Get away from the world of bland and dull, and make a difference. Get loud. Get wild. Get busy. Get away.

I thought about what zone I'd like to inhabit. Hmm, not red, sounds way too frantic, too busy. What about blue? Well, no, sounds too peaceful, too calm for my everyday living. I started asking those people around me this question and I was surprised at some of the answers. 

After a great deal of thought, I decided to go with gold.

I've spent years living in the gold zone, because to me, that signifies success. I've always been attracted to things that glitter, that sparkle and that are worthy. Things that radiate hard work, excitement, success. To me, that's gold.

When i was in the gym, struggling to complete the final set of lateral pull downs, I'd look down on those weights and visualise them as being gold. It helped me focus in my zone. Visualise the success and accomplishment of meeting my goals. 

These days my life is going green. My world still has the tinges of gold, but its predominantly green. I am surrounded by garden, beautiful hedges and flowering trees that bring birds to join me for breakfast each morning. I eat clean, green, healthy food each day. I feel centred. Alive.

I'd love to know what colour your zone is, and if I can give you just one bit of advice..Step Away From The  Beige!!!!

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