Thursday, 3 April 2014

Repeat after me... Focus!

Hello everyone, 

It's been a fortnight since I posted, the time just slips away too fast these days. 
I had taken on a project that thankfully is now complete, so you'll be hearing more from me now I've freed up some time. 

Im sure you all know I've been recently really hung up on my plateau, watching every single thing I eat, recording it all madly, wearing an exercise monitor, worrying about it 24/7. Trying to make some sort of sense out of a nonsensical problem. 

I really should know better. 

It is what it is. 

I've wasted so much emotional energy thinking about it when i know I've hit plateaus before and worked through them. And I will this time as well. 

So, I've actually given up worrying. As my beautiful Cate would say 'be a warrior not a worrier'. 

I've stopped focussing on the plateau and started once again to focus on the exercise. Because as we all know, what we focus on, gets bigger. Like attracts like, so to speak. 

I was so busy thinking about how I was stuck at the same weight, I wasn't allowing my body a chance to do its stuff. Now I'm thinking about the class I've attended and the muscles I've moved! Feeling the burn for hours after... I'm becoming addicted to that feeling, I think. 

So, I'm trying new classes, harder, more intense classes and I know that very soon I'm gonna get those scales out of the box I threw them in, and I'll be lighter, fitter, leaner. 

We all hit plateaus, we all gain a kilo here and there. Each time it happens, it should serve as a reminder that our body is taking time to adjust to the change, and we should continue to work through it. 

So, Push yourselves, step out of that same old routine -  skip, squat, run across the court.. 


Because its different, because it requires focus, and stamina, determination and patience. All the requirements we need to maintain a weight loss program. Step away from your comfort zone. Move your body in new ways, use new muscles, try something new. 

Push through that plateau- keep focused on your goal - and you will be rewarded with success.  

Just as I have been.. Finally. 

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