Friday, 25 April 2014


Dieting and healthy living is apparently about sacrifice. 

It's about giving up the 'good things' in life and focusing on the healthy, according to some trains of thought.

Sacrifice to me, is about giving yourself, all of you, wholeheartedly for a better life. 

The ANZAC's made sacrifices, the Australians and other allied troops that died fighting for peace, made sacrifices. To give us, their children, their grandchildren a better way of life. 

They walked and slept and fought for months and years  on end, in the bitter cold, with wet clothes, wet boots, minimal food and in atrocious conditions, so we could have a better life.

Our generation is very lucky to think that the only sacrifice we have to deal with now, is not eating chocolate, or minimising our alcohol content.

When did we, as Aussies, loose our fighting spirit, and become a nation of people all too ready with an excuse for over eating... Big bones, genetics, medication effects?

How about today, Anzac Day, we stand together as one, and make a sacrifice, again for our children and our grandchildren?  Lets fight the battle of obesity and laziness for them, to allow them to learn healthy habits, to give them a better life.

We will win this battle, as proud Aussies before us.

Lest we forget.

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