Tuesday, 17 February 2015

No Excuses Week.

As you all know the past week, I declared No Excuses Week.

You may ask why? Why bother getting up early and putting on a morning face, and matching exercise wear on the off chance someone might be bothered to turn up and join in? Why bother setting different exercises every single day, to encompass all likes and dislikes? Why bother even getting up early? Who gives a shit about exercise?

I must admit by about Wednesday I was feeling the same way.. With not one non related person turning up.. I felt sad, deflated, and a little bit pissed off that I had even bothered to organise this apparently long anticipated week.

My daughter and I walked, jogged, rode, Water exercised, zumbaed, PT'ed and boxed our hearts out this week. As it turned out, I exercised my body every 12 hours for 5 days straight. I was committed, I was focused and I was organised. And you know something? I feel great. I feel happy and confident, relaxed and damn pleased with myself. I feel tight and toned and much lighter of spirit.

No excuses week, had not one participant that wasn't related to me. Regardless of how many people turned up, we won. We did it. My kids and I showed that regardless of working full time, having other commitments, injuries, different body shapes and fitness levels, that there is absolutely no excuses not to exercise regularly.

It also showed me that very possibly there are SYMMYA followers in need of some mental preparation. That talking the talk and walking the walk are two different things.... One is easy, the other takes commitment and an understanding that anything less  is just an excuse..

At first I was hurt, that only my family came. At first I couldn't understand why, all the people that said they were coming, didn't. At first I was cranky at having to wait every morning till 6.30am to do my morning exercise on the chance someone who'd confirmed may show up... And didn't.

Then I realised that this is my show. This is actually a blog about my personal journey from fat to fit. This is on my terms, totally and absolutely about me. Other peoples lack of commitment doesn't reflect on my ability to be fit. I am not a Personal trainer, I am not an Aqua Aerobics instructor. I am a Mind motivator, and if the only people that care to be motivated at this present time, are my family, who better?

This weeks lack of participants will not put me off my goal, yes my ego was dented, and yes I had a huge list of EXCUSES I was given in No excuses week. I heard them all.  I was actually waiting for the old My Dog Ate my exercise shoes.. It was that bad. But that's not about me. I write a blog and I know it's being read, and I know I make a difference. On a daily basis I receive messages from people who have made incredible changes in their lives and send messages of thanks.

That's who I do this for. Me and the winners. The ones who choose to do what's necessary to win. 

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