Thursday, 5 March 2015

Wisdom from my two favourite men...

Each morning, in my first waking hour, I quietly pour myself a cup of Irish Tea, and amidst the sanctuary of the garden deck, I plan my day. It's my morning ritual, some people meditate, I plan. I use that time, listening to the birds, whilst the rest of the world awakes, to think about my goals, both long term and daily, and plan my day accordingly.

Today, I had a huge office day planned. I hung out with my kids till they went to work, I made their breakfast, and another cup of tea. This is a pleasure I had been denied for so many years whilst they were small, and I was working full time. Now, I savour the 30 mins of catch up time in the morning. I showered, and gave myself a moisturising mask, said good morning to my online FB buddies. I dressed and headed to the office to start work. As the lights went out. No power. It appears that the Ergon Electical Planner's and my schedule don't match today. Damn. 

A power outage is sooo not on my list today. But, instead of getting agitated or anxious about it, as I would have 2 years ago, my first reaction was to think of a solution. How do I achieve all of my list today with this interruption? Aha. Luv a Coffee. One of my fave places in the Emerald City to escape the summer humidity. The tea is hot, the air con is high, and the people so super friendly. 

So here I sit, at my favourite coffee haunt, in the air conditioning, emailing, blogging, and watching the world go by.. Stuff like this happens in life all the time. All the best made plans go pear shaped. Your power goes out, figuratively speaking. The way around this is being solution focused. Keep your eyes on that goal, that desire, the reason you are working so hard. Your fave workout session is cancelled, go for a swim instead, keep your eye out for other options all the time. If there's not enough people to run the session, do a weight session or use the treadmill. If you're kids come down with an illness and you can't make the gym, do a body weight session at home. Google it.  It's not the end of the world, you don't need to drop your bundle nor fall off the wagon. Continue to  Proceed, as if success is inevitable. 

There's More than one way to skin a cat - quote of my Dads. I didn't really ever quite work out what making cat rugs ever had to do with the situation at hand, when I was younger and he was alive,  but over the years I've come to realise that he was right. If you want something bad enough, there are always ways to achieve that. Maybe not the main stream way, but there's always more than two ways of getting around a problem. 

Who would have ever thought that this single Mum of 5, would work her way to 180k a year job? Would be able to buy a half million dollar home, and finally find peace and security for the kids. Finally be able to have a man in her life that was supportive, honest, kind and faithful. Yep, more than one way to skin a cat. By working hard, keeping my eye out for opportunity and jumping at chances when they arose. By looking forward and being solution focused. 

'It's only a problem if money can't fix it'. This is my new fave quote. It was taught to me by the fabulous Hugo. I have come to have a new vision in life due to this, a new passion, a new confidence. For years and years, I've been so worried about never having the money, the back up, the financial freedom to take a risk, take a chance on a possibility, for fear of what ifs. Worried about squirrelling away what little money I had, rather than allowing and trusting the Universe to fully provide for me. 

Having had to endure the life changing experience of Chuck having a brain tumour at a very early age, makes this quote so incredibly relevant to me. Everything else does not matter. Nothing in the world is as important as having healthy children and people to love and that love you back.  No cars, no holidays, no jet skis, nothing. 

Recently when one of the kids was involved in a minor car accident, my first words were, is anyone hurt? Can money fix it? These simple words also calmed Bill down to a point where he realised that it's true. It's all repairable, replaceable, except health. He walked away without a scratch, the car did not. Although it saddens me to see the scratches and bumps on the car when I think about how hard I worked to buy that car, my very first new car ever, it's really not important. He is safe, he walked away uninjured. I may have worked hard for that car, and been so very proud of it, but that pales into insignifance when compared to the pride and love I feel for him. 

Now, I'm braver. More confident in my dealings. Able to stand up and say, "righto, let's have a go, what's the worst thing that can happen?" And it's been transformational. 

We, as women spend far too much of our time worrying about What If's. We are not predominantly risk takers. We plan, we budget, we struggle to keep it all together. Having to release all my imaginary worries has lifted my spirits, lightened my load and increased my confidence ten fold. It was much more difficult to release these than I imagined. I came to understand that it was my fear of being unstoppable that frightened me more. All these Louise Hays books I'd read, all the motivational memes, the Deepak Chopra quotes, the Secrets behind the Secret... They are all true. 

Bloody hell, I am actually unstoppable.... Even if Ergon have other ideas today. 

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