Monday, 27 April 2015

Fitness in the Wilderness

I've been quiet here on the blog this past week because Hugo has been home for the first time all year. 

We've spent the week catching up, having coffee at the local shop, doing book work and gardening. 

We went rock climbing, we walked through National Parks and discovered places we've never been before. 

We laughed. A lot.

Usually my week is my own, and I plan it each morning over a cup of tea. I make time for writing, for blogging, for keeping in contact with my friends and for daily excerise. This week, I've gone with the flow. Not planned anything specific and just watched as the days unfolded.

Every single day, I walked over 10 thousand steps, reached my goal of daily exercise and enjoyed every second of it, with ease.  It wasn't a battle, it wasn't a "must do" on my daily To Do List. It was fun, enjoyable, rejuvenating. 

Getting fit and being healthy doesn't always have to mean hard work. I've come to see, over he years, that pushing yourself is often not the way. Being gentle, doing exercise you enjoy, being at one with yourself is the most beautiful way to get healthy. This year I've chosen to give up boot camp, in favour of Zumba. It is in now way as physical, but it makes my heart sing. I feel energised and happy after class. If I have sore muscles, Zumba has a way of relaxing them. I still do weight sessions, but not with the ferocity or comply to the rigid schedule I used to. 

Spending this week bush walking, rock climbing and hanging our in the National Park, has served as a reminder to me, how much energy can be gained by being with nature. Walking along a sandy route on a track unknown, is great fun. Learning about different sites and moments in history along the way invigorate the mind as well. It's much better for the whole of you, than walking 15k on a treadmill in the air conditioning of the gym. 

Sometimes, I too, need a little down time. A time to give thanks, to my legs for carrying me to such amazing places, for my eyes allowing me to see such natural beauty, to my ears to letting me hear the sounds of nature, and my arms for supporting me through the springs and gullies that I roam. 

We climbed to the top of a mountain and located the very best place I have ever seen to meditate. To sit quietly and watch the world, listen to the breeze and the birds and simply breathe. 

Sometimes, we all need to go away, into the bush, and simple BE. 

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