Saturday, 11 April 2015

City Life by a Country Chick

For all kinds of reasons I've been in Brisbane for three weeks out of the last 4. What was once a shopping Mecca to me is evolving into an ever changing exploration. 

Everyday sees me checking MeetUps to see what's happening in this beautiful city. 

Everyday has bought new coffee shops, cafes, bus routes and friends into my world. 

Everyday has seen new exercise opportunities, new walking tracks that lead to all places unknown.

Everyday has seen my pedometer hit more than 15000 steps with ease. 

Finally,  I am feeling like I belong here. I'm finding cafes in bunkers, farmers and artisan markets. I'm finding opportunity abounds here for healthy living. 

I'm sitting in the Qld State Library Cafe, listening to a brass band and people watching. I'm waiting to attend a talk on Book Publishing, accidentally stumbling across this chance on Easter Sunday. 

To me, I'm being led to discover a new world. One full of opportunity and fun. 

The State Library has nooks and crannies to chill out, websurf, read or study. It has ever changing displays of photographs and artefacts, it has people that are walking their own path. 

Sometimes I used to feel like I was just going through the motions of life. Waking, walking, working through my days. No longer. My life is evolving as well. 

I'm more open to the syncronicity of life, to heading to a destination but happy to vary the journey to arrive. To be more aware of my surroundings, to open my eyes and ears and actually 'be' in my space. 
To feel the wind in my hair, to inhale the aroma of fresh baked goods, to smile at strangers and to truly love the world I've been given to experience. 

I feel I'm being given the opportunity to be the 'real me', as "new agey" as that sounds.  I really believe that I'm being led to find my purpose, the truth in my existence.  

How exciting is that? 

Every day, I find more and more ideas and tips that lead my thinking in a different direction. To enhance my point of veiw about all things health related. I find now when I open the internet or a magazine, the information that hits me first is exactly what I need to read. Reinforcing my beliefs in the need to fuel the fires internally as a way of increasing metabolic rate. Feed the fire, not your face.

I'm in the city, I'm seeing opportunity, I'm gathering information, I'm changing the world. Watch me.

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