Thursday, 17 October 2013

As women, we have the power!

Today's post was written after overhearing two women in the supermarket, talking about only feeding their children chicken nuggets from Macca's. 

Before you read this,  pull up your big girl knickers, smooth out your thick skin, and prepare to be offended.

As women we have the power-Yes we do. 

We, as mothers, or as partners, have the ability to solve our food obesity problems now. Right here in our own homes. In our kitchens, with our own hands.

It is a well documented fact, that each generation's weight is increasing, and our obesity related health issues are increasing at an alarming rate.

We, as women, have the ability to change this. We can educate our children not to eat crap, to be fit and healthy and active right from day dot. We can stop buying them every computer game, video, iPad that they want, and make them go outside. Bounce on the tramp, climb a tree, fall down it and not break a bone because their bodies and bones are strong and healthy from eating good food. 

I actually know many women who cook two separate meals each day for their families. Low fat, healthy options for her, and full fat, preservative laden crap for the family. WTF? Because they don't like salad?Because they have to eat a kilo of steak a night because they go to the gym?? Because they only eat chicken nuggets from Macca's??? Because they are spoilt rotten?? 

We, as mothers have the responsibility of raising healthy, active kids. Kids that know how to cook healthy food, that know how to shop responsibly, and that enjoy daily exercise. So that when they leave home, they can raise healthy kids of their own. 
We must make a change. We must be the people in our families lives that stand up, and make the difference. Now. Buy better food, throw out the crap, google paleo or clean foods, bake, prepare, cook up a storm, and nurture your babies as nature intended.

Don't give me that bullshit about 'my Jonnie doesn't eat vegetables'?? When did a 4 year old get to make choices like that? Unless they have an allergy to certain types of natural food, they should be eating it. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, dandelion leaves disguised as rocket. Yes, all of the things they hate and that are healthy. All of it and often.

You are the parent, you have the knowledge, the power and the responsibility to feed and raise those children in a healthy fashion. How will you feel in 20 years time when your children are racked with disease caused by poor eating habits? Happy, that you relented and gave in to an emotional 3 year old who has taken a dislike to anything that isn't served with a toy on the side? Or, a little emotionally depleted because you know, you let them down?

I am not about to burst forth with a long lengthy lecture about eating habits, because as women, we all bloody know what we should eat, what's good for us, most of us just choose to eat shit. We have had it jammed down our throats since childhood. WE KNOW. It is whether or not, we do as we know, that is questionable. Yes, We make our own choices, but stop making the same bad choices for the kids as well. Those kids deserve better.

Stop taking the easy way out and buying pre packaged food. Start asking the little angels who are laying on the lounge on Facebook, to assist with dinner preparation. Start including the kids in exercise. Make Sunday lunch a picnic outside. Plant a vege garden. Stop poisoning our kids with preservatives and crap. Stop giving in for peace sake. Start doing your job as a parent, as a mother, and as a person with long term plans on seeing your grand kids be healthy. Why is it okay to eat properly and exercise, but fill your kid up with rubbish? Should that be child abuse? Can you tell I'm really annoyed at the stupidity of those women? 

Educate, not medicate.  It's your responsibility. Start now!

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