Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Remove the Temptation

Okay, so you all know, after yesterday's post, that I have minimal willpower when it comes to champagne. Oh the bloody temptation of races and champers, hats and high heels... Gets me every time. :(

But, today, I need you to think about the temptations that you put in your own lives. Bowl of lollies on the office desk? chips and crap for the kids lunches? Coffee and cake with the girls every Thursday morning? 

Old habits are hard to break, i know. By all means, continue to have the social interactions of a catch up with your friends, but do it while taking a walk, going for a swim, playing netball, painting some furniture. Anything that doesn't involve food or alcohol. 

Back in the day, I used to have drinks every afternoon. I lived on a main thoroughfare of town, and my verandah became a drop in point to sit and relax and watch the passing traffic late of an afternoon. It was a great spot and many a laugh was had on that verandah. It became a ritual, 5.30 pm drinks and nibblies every afternoon, as a way to unwind. 

Over time, the nibblies became more elaborate, went from a packet of BBQ Shapes, to Camembert and Water Crackers, to cream laden dips and bruschetta. Over time, my weight ballooned to over 137 kilos. Something had to give. I had decided i was serious about getting the weight off, so I just stopped buying dip and bickies and supplying wine and alcohol to anyone who dropped in. I offered green tea or soda water instead. 

Alternatively, I used that hour and a half each day to walk around the perimeter of town. Effectively, all I did was I removed my temptation. Realistically, i also saved a lot of money. I replaced that habit with a new one, a much healthier choice. After a while I got braver, and joined the gym. Another new habit was formed, and I felt better than I ever did drinking champers on a daily basis. 

The whole point of this post is to ask you to think about your own temptations. To consider your goals seriously, and work out what temptations you are willing to go without to reach your goal.

Is that daily Mars Bar really worth the feeling of not meeting your target weight this week? 
Is that glass of wine worth missing your walk for?
Is that pie really going to taste so much better than a decent home made chicken salad?
Is watching 36 hours of TV every week doing anything towards helping you move the lard off your arse?

So, go on, make your life simpler. If you can't totally remove the temptation, for example, its your flat mates chocolate, smiling at you from the bottom shelf of the fridge each day - make it bloody inconvenient instead. . 

Can't resist icecream after dinner? Don't buy any for the home freezer, make yourself walk to the furtherest shop to get it after dinner, every night. In a very short while, you'll decide it's not worth it. 

I do love Turkish delights, so originally, I used to allow myself one a week. But only on a Sunday morning after a weights session. Sunday morning would come around, and I was usually so excited about the training session, I would forget to eat the chocolate. So it would have to sit in my bag for another week.. 

Take the Simple steps to make the path to your goal shorter.

When I first began my journey to wellness, I used a mindset, that I was a personal trainer with just one client ( me ) and I tried to do my best each day by that client. Would the client be happy if each day I took her out for coffee and cake? Would my client be okay with my missing my daily walk or exercise? No. She would be disappointed and feel like I was letting her down. 
Thinking about yourself as a client, puts a new perspective on the whole deal, you will find that you will think twice about eating that take away, knowing the client would not be happy. You will prepare great healthy food for your client. Because that is what she expects.  It's worth a try, even if it makes you even a tiny little bit more accountable, it will help.

I know that Champagne is my weakness. But, I still love the romance that goes with a beautiful crystal glass of bubbles, it's a fabulous luxury to me. It enhances my dancing skills, makes me feel 25 and instantly makes me look 10 kilos lighter, and makes my personality sparkle. Really!!! I am quite sure it is the Elixir of Youth.. :) And as you now know, I still drink a little of it.  Perhaps 3 times a year, an occasion will present itself that demands a celebration. And yes, the E Town 100 Race Day is one of those occasions. 

The difference is now I drink expensive, best I can afford, champagne. 

Because I usually can only afford one bottle, because it usually has many less preservatives, because it tastes so much better than cheap wine - these are the reasons, I am usually satisifed with just one. But, I also don't keep any at home in the fridge, I buy it when I am in Rockvegas and keep in the cupboard. Because its not cold, because its not in the fridge door yelling "drink me, i will make you a 25 year old goddess with dancing skills unrivalled" - its now not a temptation anymore. 

Happily, my dancing prowess will now stay hidden till New Year. Oh and Sorry Hugo, for stepping on your toes so often on Saturday evening, I think it was the uneven turf..

So, now is the time, to get off the computer, go to the fridge, the pantry, the bedside table, where ever your stash is, and  get rid of your temptations, and start doing the very best you can for your own personal training client. 

You. :) 

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