Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Missing in action... Much

Well, here I am back after almost a fortnight.. Where has that time gone?

In that time, I've been walking, riding, painting, moving furniture, spring cleaning the house, recovering the lounge, making cushions,building vege gardens, planting more seedlings, putting in new sprinkler systems, buying a new sander and sanding every timber furniture piece in the house... So yeah, sorry I have been missing but I've also been in action! 

Exercise comes in all kinds and having a huge house clean out, clean up, and make over is fantastic exercise. I've lifted lounges, I've carried chairs up and down stairs, moved beds and painted bookcases. My house looks great, And I feel great. Tired, but great.. Well, at least I was, until Sunday morning.

Sunday morning rolled around this week, and found me very hungover after another huge day on the champagne at the local E Town 100 Race Day. E Town 100 is the biggest social event of the whole year, and 'anyone who is anyone' attends. I absolutely love it. We dress up to the nines, every piece of the outfit has to be carefully selected to ensure it matches to perfection. Even Hugo is forced into wearing a matching shirt, hat and tie. We were looking gorgeous! As soon as we walked in the gate, two people took our photo, it has been a very long time since I felt so confident. 

After finally making it over my surgery, I really felt like it was my big 'coming out'. The first time i had really been out in public, dressed up. I had chosen my outfit weeks ago, making sure that every detail had been followed. I had a fascinator, with matching bag, shoes, jewellery, nails.... The whole she-bang.. I did have every intention of entering Fashions on the Field this year, but lost confidence when saw that it would be with every gorgeous girl over the age of 18...I thought there would have been an older section.  Hmmm, maybe next year, it is still on my Bucket List.. Look out 2014!

So, I had a champers or 12 instead, and enjoyed the company and the excitement without the stress of having to worry about keeping up appearances. It was 38 degrees, the champagne was cold and the sun was hot. We choose a couple of winning horses and we laughed a lot. Recipe for disaster...

Now, every local will know, that if you don't wake up hungover after E Town 100, you didn't try hard enough, so I guess it's safe to say I tried hard, damn hard. I was queasy, tired, cranky and craving fast, fat laden food. I had skin off my knee, my elbow, my forehead, and bruises on my arm. It took me 2 hours to find my 'specially created to match my outfit' purse, which of course was in a pot plant downstairs.. Yep, it was a very big night. But I had both shoes, money left in my purse and all my clothes... So I was better off than some other people. Lol. 

Hugo couldn't believe it when I asked for a Macca's run at 11 am, and even more so when I stuck my hand up for another go at about 3pm when the kids all surfaced... I have a theory that when your body is trying to metabolise alcohol sugars, the liver needs fat to move it along and out of our system, which is why we all seem to crave fat when hungover, or after drinking... Late night kebabs sound familiar to anyone?

So, as the sun set on yet another E Town 100, I learned, that drinking alcohol in copious amounts makes the body crave shit food, makes exercising on Sunday very difficult, and makes the skin on my knees fall off. .. Who knew?

What I learned from this exercise was simple. Drinking poison will make your body react. Badly. It's like putting diesel in a petrol engine. It's not ever gonna be good. 

I could also lecture you all about how it's never gonna happen again, but as I've said in the past... Some times life just gets in the way- Christmas is coming and my best friend gets married in February..It will definitely be a Mo√ęt occasion!

Hopefully the skin in my knees will have grown back by then. 

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