Thursday, 21 November 2013

Nike Ads

Some days I feel like a walking Nike Ad.

Not because I resemble a super tall African American basketball player, lol, far from it. It's because I subscribe to their belief. Their under pinning attitude to life. Yep, those Nike advertising executives have me convinced. 

Just do it.

Just put down the remote, get off the coach, pop on your runners and sports bra, and do it. Now.

Yeah, I know we have all been there, been at that point where our intentions to exercise outweigh the reality. I've brought the exercise machine inside in the past only to end up using it to hang ironing on. I've got a new bike and parked it in the shed after a week. We've all done it. But what we have to change is the fact, if we want to be fit, and healthy, we have to just do it.

Just get up every morning in our gym clothes, and run, or go to exercise class, ride a bike, ride a horse, ride a bloody unicycle.. Whatever your chosen activity, just do it. Regularly.

To get healthy, you gotta sweat. You gotta get hot, and uncomfortable. Deal with it. As I've said before, better sweat running down your back in exercise class, than down your thighs whilst shopping. Make a goal, write your plan, and just do it. Every day. Schedule it, like you would a dr appointment. Make it a priority. Then just get it done.

Following from yesterday's post - here is a sample of my day yesterday,

Breakfast- black coffee and hot banana. You must try this, it's delicious and so easy. Chop a banana into chunks, cook in a small amount of coconut oil, and sprinkle with cinnamon whilst cooking. Cook for a minute or two, top with a small amount of Greek yoghurt, sprinkle with coconut flakes and cinnamon... Yummo!

Boxercise class at 9 am for an hour. Was a great class run at the PCYC by Kylie. She does a great job.

Morning tea/ lunch was an apple and a handful of nuts. Not for any other reason than, I was on my way to work. If you have time to make a salad for lunch, do so. No need to eat 'on the go food' if you've time to prepare better.

Afternoon tea: medjool dates.. Yummmmmmmm.. That's all I can say about those.

Circuit class at 5.30pm. It's designed for the over 50's, but it was a great workout for the evening. 

Dinner was a chicken breast cut into chunks and cooked in some Moroccan spices. Rustled up a simple salad, plonked the cooked chicken on the top and done. Easy, delicious.
I don't usually eat so much chicken, night after night, but I had defrosted a large tray, forgetting it was just Cate and I at home this week.. I'm pretty sure we will start sprouting feathers sometime soon.

Loosing weight, getting healthy is easy, once you get your head into the game. Today I feel great. No bloating, no itching, no fluid retention and best of all no hot flushes. There is nothing hard in this. It's a simple process. It takes the hard work out of it. No points counting, no payment plans, no trying to plan your life around the ability to heat up prepackaged meals. Easy.....

Think about what you have to loose here, and all the things you have to gain- and just get it happening. Now.

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