Friday, 29 November 2013

Today, I give up.

Thats it. 

 I give up. I'm over trying to loose weight, watch what I eat at every moment, weighing myself religiously. Attempting to loose weight does my head in. So I'm done. Dusted. It's over.

Every day, I wake about 4.30am and most days I go for a run. I come home, strip off for a shower, and weigh. Some days I am down a kilo, somedays I am up 2! When that happens, it just affects my whole day! I find myself getting so down.... And cranky!

2 months ago, I stopped weighing. I took measurements and a photo. I tried one pair of pants and one top on, they just fit. I measured bust, midriff, waist, hips and tops of my thighs. I wrote the measurements in my diary, and stuck in the photo.

My behaviour didn't change. Other than weighing daily, I did nothing different. I ran, I went to gym, I did weights, I rode a bike ( a tiny bit.)

One month later, I measured again. I tried my pants on. I took another photo. I was kinda smaller.

Today, I measured again. I slid my pants on without undoing the zip. I am more than 11cm smaller (total cms). And guess what? I am still around  the same weight as I was 60 days ago. 

And you know something? I don't care! 

I am leaner, fitter, stronger and so pleased that I don't spend all day worrying about what I'm gonna eat next. 

I have taken the focus away from what I eat, and placed it on getting healthy. And I couldn't be happier. I feel better, I look better, apparently, according a new gym buddy.. " I radiate happiness", all this time I thought that was sweat I was radiating. 

I eat when I want, and whatever I feel like. My body now craves fresh fruit salad with Greek yoghurt, instead of toast. It craves green tea most of the day,instead of strong black coffee. My fridge is full of good healthy food. 

But, I've learned to listen, to be thankful and honour this physical body that carts around my soul. I now nourish it. Feed it good food, and exercise it. 
I want it to be around a long time, and to be honest, I've given it a very hard time for a very long time. It's time now, to look after it. Care for it, like I would a classic car.. Use the right fuel, a bit of panel beating, and good buff up, and she comes up all right! 

So, that's another tip, stop worrying about "loosing weight" and just get healthy... It's so much easier, less stressful and much more fun.

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