Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Trips, formals, graduations, Schoolies......

Three weeks have gone by since I last posted! Where on earth have I been for that long? Sorry, I've been missing in action, again..

Spent ten days zipping around Victoria, for work and catching up with some long lost friends.. Spent last week preparing for Chucks graduation week, attending the formal, Pre dinner drinks here with the parents and lastly the graduation ceremony on Friday. 

Amongst that time, we gardened, we cleaned, transformed the area behind the shed, we tidied inside, all so the kids could take photos here before the formal. I was really proud of the yard, the light rain we had worked wonders, and the gardens looked lovely. We prepared platters of paleo, natural food to share, and chilled the bottle of champagne I had been keeping for a special occasion. It was a really festive week. 

We finished by preparing for Schoolies on the Gold Coast, giving last minute instructions.. Text me daily so I know you're alive, do not get on the news, in the paper,on the 7pm project or involved with police. Be ready early for the trip home. All good survival tips for a teenager. 

I feel like this week has been the first time I have been able to stop and think for a month. It's like, okay that's done, exhale. Take a big breath before the Xmas rush starts. 

It's been great being able to get back into morning jogs, mid morning gym class at PCYC. The lifestyle I lead at the moment makes it difficult to get into a definite rhythm, so I have to make the most of the time I get. Cate has been coming as well, it's her exam block, so the early morning exercise does wonders for waking up the brain and preparing it for the day ahead.

I get asked so many times about what I eat, how I eat, how much do I eat. Sometimes it just does my head in, telling people over and over. It is not hard. Stop over thinking it. It is simple. Move more than you eat. Don't buy processed food. And SYM MYA, of course.

There's no shakes, no Pre, Post, During workout shakes or supplements. There's no special time to eat, there's no limit to how much healthy food you can eat. Just buy good healthy natural food. Eat when you're hungry. 

Is it because its too simple, or because its too hard? Too hard because you've no one to blame but yourself if it doesn't work. Is it because you have to take responsibility for your health rather than saying " oh those tablets disagreed with me"? 
It's easy. You just have to decide you actually want to do it. Do you really want to be healthy? Or is being over weight, out of condition, and unhealthy suit your lifestyle at the moment? 

If you're at the turning point, start today. Don't put it off till Monday, till New Years Day, till 2019.. Start today, it's the perfect time.

Step one - Clean out your pantry cupboard, throw away all the food that's processed. I do keep canned tomatoes, spices, tins of salmon and tuna. But everything else, chuck it. Put it in a bag and donate to the homeless Christmas appeal. 

Step two - go shopping. Buy fruit, salad, veges, meat, fish, chicken, Greek yoghurt, coconut oil, dates etc.

Step three - google paleo cooking, clean eating, cooking with natural food... Whip up a storm!

Eating like this is a lifestyle change, the whole family will benefit. There's no need to have to cook different meals for each person in the house. Life was meant to be simple. Relaxed. Easy. 

Food is your medicine, listen to your body, and eat what it's craving. Sweet? Have a banana or some dates. Savoury? Have a lightly curried egg. Salty? A small handful of cashews. As requested, I'm going to post my daily foods here, to give you guys an indication of how easy being healthy is..

Yesterday- 4 km jog at 6am
breakfast- two eggs whisked together, dash of milk, and the remainder of last nights salad. It had mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, olives,pear, lettuce. Cooked like scrambled eggs, but you could cook then grill the top, and make a yummy omelette. Black coffee - which is the way I drink coffee, not because I'm depriving myself of milk. If you have milk, throw a splash in the top. Ease up on the cappuccino though.

Morning tea at about 11-30. Banana

Missed lunch because I was busy, and my body didn't ask for food.

Afternoon tea about 3-30pm- handful of mixed nuts ( no peanuts ) and a boiled egg

Dinner- chicken breast and salad.

Simple. There is nothing that takes huge amounts of preparation, nothing that is difficult to create, or source the ingredients. 

Exercise class at 6pm for 45 minutes.

I still struggle with drinking enough water, I know when I drink 2 or more litres a day, I loose weight and feel great, so I leave a 2l jug on the bench and pour a glass each time I pass. Visual reminder, works well.

Once again, I'm sorry for being gone so long, I get people messaging asking where I am, what I'm doing, asking if I've lapsed back into eating crap and embarrassed to be here... Nope. I'm still here, just busy. Yes, I've eaten the odd chip or two when I was away, and I may have snuck in a Canadian club or cider as well, but like I say, life goes on. So long as it isn't the norm, it's fine.

.. I must make this a priority in 2014, thinking of creating a you tube channel with cooking tips... Lol, it would be like Big Brother making it in my kitchen. Can you imagine? Lol. 

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