Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Don't plant a lemon tree and expect oranges..

According to my Dad, who was one of the wisest people I knew, you can't plant a lemon tree and expect to grow oranges.

For years he would listen patiently to me complain about all my first world teenage problems, and that statement was almost always his come back.. 

At the time, I had no clue what he was on about.. I mean, really, no doubt my social life had just been crippled and he was worried about citrus fruit? Wtf? Or whatever we said in the 70's..

I read the very same quote in a book this morning and thoughts of him came flooding back. I thought about his calm, 'fix anything with baling twine' attitude, and I suddenly realised 2 things. One was how much I miss him, and the other was how wise he actually was, and I wished I understood that at the time.

Planting lemons and hoping for oranges is a great metaphor for my life now, I know if I am to get all the benefits from my work, I have to put the right plans into place. 

Select the right seedlings (ideas and goals)
Water and nurture the plants as they strengthen (look after yourself, eat right, drink plenty of water)
Fertilise appropriately. ( eat good healthy foods)
Stake if required ( look for support as needed)
Persevere and trust that this plant will give you fruit.

We all know that planting oranges will, if we are lucky, end up with a small flower, just a tiny bud which will then grow through remarkable odds to be able to produce sweet tasting fruit. 

And nothing tastes sweeter than success, am I right?

So finally Dad, on this day, 28th Jan, the anniversary of the day you married Mum, I get it. I now know what you meant. To be able to reap the rewards,one must first prepare properly. And to understand, that without all of the preparation, hard work, commitment, perseverance and trust, you will not get the results you expect.

I went to the local hardware store today, and I bought an orange tree. Happy Anniversary. 

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