Thursday, 1 May 2014

It's all in your head..

My Mum gave me all kinds of pointers when I was growing up, look both ways when crossing the road, don't talk to strangers, never barrack for Collingwood, wash your hands after playing with the oleander tree and, wait for it.....  bananas will make you fat.


Bananas.. A fantastic source of potassium, a portable post exercise snack, were apparently the sole reason that I was overweight as a kid. I loved eating bananas as an after school snack. My brother ate Sugar Frosties. Bowls and bowls of them... But that was okay, because he was the boy and My Mums diet tips were reserved for me.. The fat one.

I remember being told in a dressing room at Fairlies Dept Store that I was never going to have nice clothes because I was just too fat, I would have been about 8 at the time... What a shock that was to me that day... I remember thinking, well I'm never gonna be able to get married because I'll be too fat to get a dress to wear. At 8 years old. 

I remember the day like it was yesterday, I went to straight to Coles and bought myself a fake diamond ring for 69  cents knowing it was probably going to be the only diamond I was ever going to get.. And yes, it was the biggest bit of bling Coles department store had.

It's taken me a long time to be able to eat a banana without hearing my mothers voice telling me that it will make me fat.. A banana. My enemy for 48 years.

My internal dialogue used to take away any enjoyment from that simple fruit, instead have me visualising blobs of banana flavoured fat clumping together on my thighs?? Looking back I realise how ridiculous that sounds... But my Mum told me that. It's got be true. Doesn't it?

Now, I feel the damage that was done to me as a kid, a fat kid. Do the parents amongst us realise the damage we cause by our negative self projections to our children? What I was hearing was, "I don't like you because you're fat." I didn't hear, you are my beautiful, gorgeous, funny, smart, witty, clever daughter... Nope, Not once, probably not ever.

As a nation we are the fattest we have ever been, yet we are over run with diets, with gyms, with boot camps and protein shakes and prepackaged, Pre weighed, Pre digested food....  Or something similar.. If it was that easy, we would all the thin, and trim and taut and terrific. But we aren't. 

The secret is, what is in our heads. It's about how we speak to ourselves, our internal relationship with food. What we believe about ourselves. How we see our strengths, how we see our weaknesses.

How we react to those is the secret.. So remember, set your goal. Do what's necessary to win.. Every day. 


Because you are one of the smartest, most beautiful people I have ever met. You deserve to be healthy too. 

If you are struggling with your internal dialogue and setting goals, give me a call.. I'm proud to say my Life and Wellness Coaching Centre is up and running, and achieving amazing successes already. You can be one of them.. :)

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