Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Apologies...I'm human.

I get busy. 
I lose track of time.
I spend my day being distracted by other things.
I have visitors, and a wedding and another wedding tomorrow and I am planning an overseas trip..
 I'm delivering workshops and I'm coaching others to take responsibility, to lose weight and to get healthy.
So, sometimes I miss the opportunity to blog.. I wish I didn't, because it's my release, but sometimes life gets in the way. I guess I can get bent out of shape about it, or I can go with the flow for a week or two.
The weddings will be over soon, my house will be empty soon, and my trip will come and go even if I haven't had a chance to plan every minute of it before I leave.. 
That's life. 
The best made plans often go astray, but so long as you keep your eye on the main objective, you'll be okay. There is only a certain amount of hours in the day, and you can only do what you can do in that given time.
 But have you ever stopped to think how you do spend your time? How many hours watching TV, on the net, on Facebook, reading a book? Are you also one of those people who can never find the time to exercise because they are too busy?
This week, I would like you to write down what you do with your "down time", the time between working and cooking, cleaning etc..  Then ask yourself if you really are too busy for exercise. Or is there time that you could spend more wisely? 
It's your life and you can choose what you do with it, but don't wish your time away, whilst watching TV and complaining about being unwell. 
Your life. Your choice. Your responsibility.

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