Friday, 29 August 2014


What if our weight issues are directly related to our attitude towards ourselves?

What if the extra fat we carry around is actually just stored emotions?

What if they only thing we had to do to be thin and fit and healthy, was to be kind to ourselves? Honour, nourish and encourage ourselves like we would a small child?

Would you have to change your current self talk to lose weight? Would you need to be gentler on yourself? Why is it that the only person that you can rely on 100% for the whole of your life is often the most crtitical? Why do you do that to yourself?

What would it feel like to be your own personal cheerleader? To focus on the positive things about you rather than the negative? To lie in bed every night and give yourself credit for three things that you achieved for the day? 

I want you to try it for a week, be gentle, be kind and be supportive to yourself. Thank those thighs for giving you the strength to walk to the coffee machine. Thank that glute muscle for the support holding up your knickers, your tuck shop lady arms for letting you cuddle your children or your wrinkles for growing from years of laughter. 

Appreciate what you are. Adore what you are. Love what you are. 

Humans are funny creatures, and for some reason we will place value in things that others do as well. Think for example, A sought after restaurant that is always booked out, glistening diamonds, name brand clothing. And we will pay more for this perceived value. We think a Mercedes is better than a Commodore. Because it's dearer and more sought after, more valued.

Who values you if you aren't prepared to value yourself? 

Your lesson for today is, stop bullshitting yourself, stop wallowing and moaning about negativity; and start looking at yourself through your kids eyes. Start being the person they think you are, beautiful, competent, compassionate, loving. Think of all of the qualities you wish to portray as a mother, a sister, an aunt, and do that. Fake it till you make it, if need be. 

Thin and healthy, successful and wealthy, happy, loved, kind. What else would you add to your list?

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