Sunday, 29 March 2015

Is Pot Banging really necessary?

Ah Sunday morning.. You're back. 

It's one of my favourite times of the week. A slow leisurely wake up, a cup of herbal tea on the back deck, watching the birds in the trees and listening to the toddlers play in the park. 
( and feeling the gentle breeze rustling the hairs on my legs.. ARRGGHH, gotta fit some time in for a wax) 😁

Sunday's are also sleep in days for the kids. Remember those days when partying all night and sleeping all day was cool? That's where they're at. My Mum used to bang pots and yell to wake us early, I just let mine sleep in. It's much less stressful. 

Yes they miss out on the sunrise, they spend their day off in bed, they rush around Monday morning trying to get organised for the working week.. Didn't we all? 

I often wonder if it's because I lived on the edge, lived full of adrenaline and rushing about,  that I appreciate the gentler things in life now. I actually enjoy the quiet. Savour the moments watching the sun peep through the early morning must. Relish in the hours of time I get first thing every morning, to walk, to stretch, to swim, to write. 

After all of these years, I'm my own boss. The clock doesn't own me, the scales don't own me. How I choose to spend my time on earth is my decision. How empowering is that? 

Have you ever stopped to think that the stress you place on yourself is unnecessary? That your reaction to any situation is within your control? What would your world be like if you chose to react gently, with peace or even not to react at all? 

My Mum used to bang pots together, we'd get out of bed angry and agitated, and so set the tone of the day. My kids get to sleep in in Sunday's, get to experience waking when the body has had enough sleep, they wake happy and willing to share their stories of adventure from the night before. We talk, we laugh. And we share a family bond. 

It makes life simpler, less stress, less animosity in the house. The energy of our home is calmer. And isn't that a lovely place to inhabit? 

Enjoy your Sunday, I'm off for a swim. 

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