Sunday, 28 July 2013

8 Days Pre Surgery

So, 9pm Sunday night, 7 days out from Surgery and my teenage kids are teaching me the finer points of how to make a blog - I'm not really sure why I want to make a blog about this whole ordeal, I'm usually a fairly private person about this, as I am very very self conscious about my spare skin... But here goes.

I have been told in the past by an ex fiancé - that I have enough spare skin I could make a human floor rug - so you can understand my reticence at public displays of (almost) nudity! Those words even still hurt me now, as I typed that sentence... Needless to say, that man was my "ex" very soon after that comment was made.

But, in saying all of that, I have found so little Australian web content on this procedure, that I wanted to share my experience with anyone considering the same surgery. I guess just to give an Aussie point of view, no bullshit, just a "warts and all" account of the surgery, and the emotions that go along with it. 

I am by no means a professional writer, nor blogger, so the posts in the coming weeks will be amateurish and with more than a couple of mistakes, forgive me, I'm not quite perfect.... But hopefully after a week or two, I will get the hang of this and this blog will provide some help to those looking for information about this procedure.

Next Monday morning, at 8am, I am checking myself into the Mater Hospital in Rockhampton to have a Full Body Lift. I will have my spare stomach skin removed, and the skin on my outer thighs will be lifted to meet the circumferential incision made to remove the skin above... I will be in hospital for 2 nights, and staying in Rocky for the next few nights until I am well enough to travel home... 370 kilometres. 

I anticipate I will have surgical drains for a few days, a million and one stitches and a gorgeous waist to ankle surgical corset which I am sure will be very flattering.

As lighthearted as I may sound, I am actually very nervous about the whole procedure. I am not sure if I have made the right decision or not, and a multitude of Ideas are running through my head. I'm not sleeping well, I'm finding myself waking up at 2 am each night thinking about the things that could go wrong, who would look after the children, who will help me if I need assistance for an extended period of time at home, will the gorgeous Hugo still love me with scars all around my middle? Will they heal flat? Am I exchanging one disfigurement for another?? Why after fifty years have I just discovered vanity? Will I ever be able to get back to exercise class that I'm fast becoming addicted to? Will my body get to like that laying around again and I'll become a lard arse once again? What if my "fluffy bits"end up on my chest???? 

Yep, all the usual things that run through your mind at times like this.

So, as a clever diversion to this, tomorrow, I'm off to Adelaide for the night. For dinner. Well, for a business meeting really but it sounds much more romantic if I say it's a quick trip for a rendezvous with my gorgeous partner Hugo. 

Off to pack... For Adelaide, in winter.... I shall delay thinking about hospital for another day or two. I hope....

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