Wednesday, 31 July 2013

5 days Pre Surgery

So, today's effort at avoiding the issue has worked a treat..

I walked 8 kilometres this morning before coming home and heading the the local PCYC where I volunteer hours every week to assist with OHS issues and help with any out of the ordinary administrative issues- today we wrote an application for the Business Excellence Awards. PCYC are a fantastic community based gym here in town and I love the vibe that surrounds the place, I always walk out of there feelin upbeat and happy.

I've spent the rest of the afternoon actually doing what I get paid to do, and that is, running a Maintenance Resource company. We have a shutdown coming up in South Australia soon, and there are men to organise..pffftttt... Harder to herd than cats!

Now, as I gaze out my not so clean office windows, onto the not so clean car, parked near the garden that needs weeding, over by the BBQ that needs cleaning, I write myself a to do list for tomorrow... None of which contains any form of packing for hospital or practical thought about the surgery. Although I do need to get my shellac nail polish removed, maybe a manicure is in order.

The nurse tells me to pack something easy to wear whilst in hospital, what the hell does that mean? I find chiffon easy to wear, but I'm not sure that any of my race wear frocks are really that suitable for a hospital stay. These are the kinds of things that I am hoping to write lists about afterward - important things, like what constitutes easy to wear hospital attire aka how to successfully wear chiffon before 5pm. :)

Having a blog to write has also allowed me to limit my Internet access to more positive things, and has lessened my need to type " horrendously graphic photos of plastic surgery fails" into the google search box... A little... I'm actually starting to think I have exhausted the 'nets cache of horrendously graphic photos of anything now, after umpteen years of being a mine safety officer combined with my current search, I think I've just about got it covered.

Chuck,  my 4th son, starts another job tonight as a Branch Support Officer also at PCYC- he's madly saving for Schoolies on the Gold Coast, but let's not talk about that -I'm taking the bury the head in the sand approach to this years "overindulgence in underwear" event. I will tell him the same as I've told the last two kids to complete year 12 and wish to celebrate this event in a Qld coastal town... Two things I do not want them to be, arrested or on the nightly news! He is actually a great young bloke, and eating Paleo has cleared his teenaged skin up a lot, so the benefits continue.

I'm back to full on Paleo eating today, suffered the ill effects of the Adelaide days off Paleo till late last night, feeling much better today. Undertook a big baking session of oopsie rolls, banana loaf, apricot rolls, date and almond balls, fruit and nut biscuits with not a teaspoon of sugar in sight. Cooking and eating paleo is not hard, but it does take some organisation and forward planning.

Off to Low Impact Exercise class tonight -  going to take Cate, my daughter, she loves any chance she can get to punch me, hard.. So she comes to low impact, kick n box, and combat x training with me each week, and I'm sure it's only to get the chance to accidentally pop a light kick to my forehead every now and again under the guise of being unco-ordinated. It's my last session of low impact for a while, so no doubt she will make the most of this opportunity. 

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