Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sweat it.

Loosing weight means sweat.

Uncomfortable, running down your bum cheeks, sweat. There's no way round it. So you might as well get used to it. 

Once upon a time I was embarrassed to sweat, for anyone to see that I might have had a hair outta place.. Bloody hell I was more than 137 kilos, and I thought hot guys were looking at my hair??? Who was I kidding?

Over the years I have learned to come to terms with it, make friends with it, and actually learn to love it. Because sweat, my friend, makes your fat fall off.. How about that? 

To think all of these advertising companies are trying to tell us that it is protein shakes, or amphetamines, or fat dissolving tablets that makes you thin, and you and I have discovered the secret.
Sweat actually makes your fat dissolve, disappear, get smaller.. Who knew? 

I like to think my fat runs off to walk the St James Way in Spain... But that's just me wishing I was there too. Where will your fat run to?  Who cares really where the fat goes, as long as its off my arse. :)

So, here's a picture of me.. Almost in Lycra, with no makeup, hair stuck to my neck,  first thing on a Bloody Hot Sunday morning, with???   You guessed it. My best friend, sweat. And Cate, which was an enormous effort for her, because not only does she struggle with mornings, she typically doesn't get dressed on Sundays... Let alone in gym clothes and exercising before 7am.

Go Catey! Your Mumma is very proud o you!

Happy Sunday.

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  1. Loving your blog, thank you for the insights. Could you write about how your body is healing now and if you are happy with the results? Keep up the fantastic writing :)