Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Encouragement and all that good stuff....

Some one once told me I am the Gordon Ramsey of weight loss... I was flattered, well I think I was..
Gordon Ramsey hasn't really got a very pleasant demeanour but he gets the job done, regardless.  

If you have found my site looking for warm and fuzzy.. I think maybe you're in the wrong place. 

If you're here to find the reason to get off your backside and get this show in the road... Well buckle up, lovely, and enjoy the ride.

I know I am not the best at listening to excuses why exercise isn't a priority, and I do find it hard not to glaze over whilst watching you eat yet another muffin, but that doesn't mean I don't care. I'm just busy.
Really I am, I like to utilise my time with people who are fair dinkum. Honest. I apologise in advance if my eyes start rolling when you give me the same old excuses about why you missed gym again this week.. It's not my fault, it's my allergic reaction to bullshit.

But, I have always made more enemies than I've made friends, so Much so, that it now doesn't bother me if you like me or not. What you think of me is none of my business. I'm blunt, I'm direct, And I will tell you the things you don't want to hear if you ask me the wrong questions. But, I also am the person who will keep you accountable. If you tell me your aim is to exercise, or eat right or stop smoking, I expect that you are telling me the truth. I expect you are also being truthful to yourself. 

Since starting this blog, I have noticed I have lost contact with some people who weren't being true to themselves. People i thought were my friends. At first I took it personally, but over time I have realised that maybe it was easier for them to stay home and complain, than to join me in a walk or exercise class and commit to making healthy decisions. I'm sorry if the sight of me makes you feel guilty about eating cake, or drinking wine, but is that my problem, or yours?

If exercise or giving up smoking is not one of your goals, or not high on your list of priorities, don't kid yourself. Don't make a goal according to someone else's values ( yes, even mine.. ) Set yourself a goal that you know you will be able to achieve eg cleaning out all the kitchen cupboards. Start small, and work up to the ones that really matter to you, rather than kidding yourself that you will go to gym every day, when that really doesn't float your boat.

Be real. Be realistic. Be kind to yourself and stop setting yourself up for failure. If you are happy to sit at home on the lounge, watching reality shows, and then kid yourself that a re-run of A Biggest Loser is a weight loss tool,  then that's fantastic.. 

But if you are, like me, one of those people who need a kick up the pants, a virtual shakeup, and the feeling like there is someone watching you enter that coffee shop... Welcome to the world of SYMMYA.

 A land where we are accountable for our actions, where every action has a consequence and where we know that it is up to us to make the change. 

And in the words of good old Gordie... FFS, shut your mouth and move your arse.

You will thank me in the long run. 

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