Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A day in the big smoke...

After last weeks episode of hiding in my blankie fort, vowing never to come out... I have finally made it out in the real world again. Still feeling bruised and emotionally battered, and struggling to understand why I'm feeling like this. I've nothing to be sad about, I'm the luckiest girl in the world.. 

Yesterday I flew to Brisbane, for a business meeting this morning, and i spent the evening strolling through the city streets, watching people scurry about their business, in a hurry, drinking coffee or talking on their phones, earphones in.. Everywhere I went, people were distracted by phones, by music playing loud enough in their ears for me to enjoy too... Or not.. Even couples walking together, with earphones in and checking Facebook.. Weird huh?

It got me thinking about how the world is becoming an increasingly lonely place, with every new app or social media option, we are becoming more and more disconnected from each other, and more reliant on the virtual world. A world where we can be whoever we wanna be... We can be single and hunting on Zoosh, we can be millionaires looking to buy property on the French Riveria, ( or is that just me??). Or we can be 50 year old women writing blogs about how hard it is to win the battle over weight... Yep, anyone we want to be... Virtually.

Today, I got up early, and went for my favourite jog in Brisbane. Over the bridge, through Southbank and back over the other bridge. Today, I decided to engage with as many people as I could today, just to see what happened.

I made a joke with the rubbish collector going over the bridge, I winked at the sad African fellow walking to work, I gave the disabled singer a thumbs up for his efforts, I told a man he looked really dapper in his red pants and orange suspenders, I thanked every person I saw in a Blues Jersey, I bought a single Gerbera from the Farmers Market and gave it to a old lady waiting to cross the road, I had a conversation with a man called Andrew who used to work in the Dept Administration Services, I hugged a beautiful lady who had lost a lot of weight recently, i thanked the cleaner in the toilets at Central Station, I bought a coffee and a muffin for the homeless lady in Queen St, I called a cab and made sure the young girl who was crying in Adelaide St got away safely, and I bought another chocolate for the man on security at the airport. 

An older Asian lady came and shook my hand after watching me deliver the coffee and muffin to the homeless lady, I'm not sure what she said, but her eyes told me that she approved. Everyone of these people connected, looking at me with smiling eyes, and said thank you. 

Tonight as I write this blog update on the flight home, I feel somehow lighter, happier that maybe I made a small difference in someone's world today, and it somehow feels like its healed me a little too. Perhaps I was just lonely too, spending all my time either in the gym or in my home office... 

Give it a go. See if spreading a little connection makes a difference in your world too. And message me with the updates. Please.

Oh and by the way, you are looking fabulous today! :)

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