Friday, 5 September 2014

Holidays don't have to mean weight gain.

Holidays... Usually symbolistic of over indulgence and a break from the old exercise routines. But it does not have to be that way. With a little forward planning and a tiny bit of organisation, your holiday does not have to mean the end of all your hard work.

Plan to take healthy snacks on the flight, to alleviate the mid flight munchies. Drink lots of water during the flight and avoid alcohol.

Once at your destination, walk a lot. So many hidden gems can be found just when out walking. That incredible sunset, the cliff face that can't be seen from the road, the animals in the paddocks, the hidden shops and caf├ęs down the arcades and hidden from the high street. These are the things that make your holiday unique. Special. Unforgettable. Yours.

In your hotel room, you can do tricep dips on the chairs or the edge of the table, you could swim in the hotel pool,  do push-ups, run up the stairs instead of using the elevator. Carry your own shopping. Run along the beach. Pack resistance bands in your bag, they are really light and are so versatile.

Eat mindfully. Try the locally cooked foods, freshly made salads, fruit, veges. Stay away from the Macca's, the KFC's, the Hungry Hippo's etc, and eat locally grown foods. Taste the local delicacies, sample the cuisine and savour the flavours. Don't miss out on anything, but make sure what you are eating is freshly prepared.

Hugo and I are off to Ireland and the UK for a month. 30 days of English and Irish breakfasts, of Guinness and Pear Cider.
My plan, which I am hoping will work, is to eat a protein based breakfast, no doubt much later than we eat here, and a sensible sized dinner. Lunch, if I'm hungry will be very light, probably a piece of fruit.

I've also factored in exercise every day. Walking, hill climbing, zip lining, bike riding. Yes, we are doing a road trip of Ireland, but that doesn't mean that we have to be stuck in the car all day long. Ireland is a gorgeous country and the opportunity for exercise based sight seeing is vast. No, I'm not keen in lining up for three hours to see the Book of Kells, but I would love to do the Ghost Walk for the same amount of time that evening, thanks.

Holidays are all about you. About your attitude and how you treat yourself. How you relax and enjoy your down time. Me? I choose to exercise on my holidays, because I've worked way too damn hard to throw away all my great work.

So, as the school holidays approach, and I see Facebook status' counting down to cruises, trips to NZ, and Fiji, take the time to prepare. Make this holiday an active one, a healthy one, and live long enough to enjoy many many more.

I'm going to spend my time, trying to figure out if this photo is really telling me the truth... :) wish me luck.

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