Monday, 15 September 2014

OMG I'm going stir crazy!

19 hours straight on a plane is enough to do anyone's head in, but particularly for someone like me who is not used to sitting down for long periods of time. I'm starting to get bored, and fidgety, and I'm starting to enjoy annoying Hugo, purely for my own entertainment. 

I had prepared books, a notepad, and a list of things to do whilst on the plane, but I had almost polished all of those off, during the 6 hour delay on the Tarmac in Brisbane. I currently need a stretch, a big glass of water, some fresh air. I'm counting my blessings that the people that are also inhabiting this small space, don't smell bad, are quite personable, and are not totally impatient pricks like some others,a few rows back. 

By the time we get off this plane, we will have been sitting for 20 hours... With still another 7 hour flight to go! But, no point complaining, I'm very lucky to be here to experience it. No doubt Emirates will meet us in the gate Lounge and give us rescheduled information for the connection that we have already missed. So, I have nothing to worry about except time itself, and how best to use it without Hugo stabbing me with a plastic fork.

The extra hours have given me plenty of opportunity to think. About food choices and the effects on the body, lack of exercise and the effect that has on the body also.. I've watched parents fill their kids with lollies, then growl when they cannot sit still. I've watched people eat their food so quickly, I'm sure they didn't taste it.. And I've noticed these are also the same people looking for more food from the hostess an hour later. I have also wondered why a caterer would feed 680 people confined to a very small space, baked beans for breakfast. 

I've also thought about adults using the oxygen mask first, before fitting their children's. Everyone enroute accepts that as a given. We listen to the steward and read the emergency card in the seat pocket in front of us. It Makes sense, of course you cannot help your children if you don't first fit your mask. You are of no value to anyone, least of all your children, if you fall ill in an emergency situation. 


Then why is it that most mothers, will dedicate their time, their energy, their oxygen, their life force, to assisting everyone else surrounding them, putting themselves last all the time?

Does that sound familiar? Are you one of these people who thinks scheduling time to maximise your health and well being, is selfish? 

Do you ever stop to think that your children would prefer to have you healthy, happy and around for a long time? That your husband would prefer you were fit enough to spend your retirement travelling and enjoying yourselves?

Do you think its time to change? To spend an hour a day in the pursuit of health and happiness. One hour. That's not much time. People tell me they are unable to find time to exercise, or shop for healthy food, yet they can fill me in on what's happening on the latest TV series? Prioritise your time and think long term. Are your current habits going to sustain you into your 80's? 

If you cannot find time in your current waking hours, get up an hour earlier. The weather is perfect for early morning walks, the gyms are open 24 hours these days. There are no excuses. 

This week, whilst I am wandering about the Emerald Isle in search of free wifi, I want you to stop and think, what would happen if you were too sick to care for your family? Who would have the kids, who would do the shopping, the washing, the cooking, the cleaning? And then ask yourself if you are happy about that situation. Ask yourself if you are looking after yourself and your family, in the smartest possible way? Ask yourself if you watch more TV than exercise? Ask yourself where you can add in an hour of health focus, whether that be exercise, de cluttering your mind, buying healthy food, or taking time out for a long bath by candlelight. 

Stop making excuses, and start making a difference. 

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