Thursday, 19 March 2015

Byron Bay and all things beautiful

OMG, I'm in Byron Bay. The Mecca for all things beautiful, food, scenery, people... How ever am I going to survive these next few days?

Turned out, it is very easy to look after yourself here on holidays. Eat fresh, walk every chance you get. 

Hugo and I were easily walking 20000 steps every day, some of those were also up some very steep hills or steps leading to the headland. And I'm not about to fathom a guess how many of those steps were competed whilst doing and Irish Jig after a few pints of Guiness on St Patricks Day. 

Weighed today, not one kilo gained... Yay! I dunno why I'm even bothering to weigh these days. I'm now convinced it's the stress of the scales that make us heavier.. I avoid them as often as possible. 

Eat to nourish yourself, eat like you love yourself, eat like your life depends on it. 

It does.

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