Saturday, 21 March 2015

With a sprinkle of love, I give to thee...

As usual, any Saturday morning in Brisbane will see me meandering my way through the stalls at Carseldine Farmers Market. I love it. 

The fresh flowers, coffee, fruit and veges, freshly baked breads ( gluten free-winning! ), and paleo treats lead me to seriously believe this is my fave place in the city at the moment. 

I love talking to the stall holders, hearing their passion for their produce, it's like every strawberry, every garlic clove, every paleo fruit muesli contains a part of their heart and soul. 

We've all heard the old excuse that 'eating well is too expensive these days' but is that really true? 

You might pay $1 less per kilo for apples imported from the 'Land of Godknowswhere', but how old is this fruit before it even gets to your house? What chemicals have been sprayed in them to make them last, brighter, more palatable looking? 

I'm probably blessed because I have the ability to make the comparison between my local Fresh Food Supermarket in the Central Highlands, and my local Farmers Market in The City.  Without a doubt, the the fruit and veges I buy from the Market outlasts the supermarket fruit by days, sometimes weeks. 

The amount of fruit I throw away through spoilage far outweighs the extra cost of organic or market bought fruit. 

Shopping at markets also allows me the joy of sampling new foods, exotic fruits, and my new favourite cold pressed iced coffee. Luckily for me, it's only ever a sample, as I'm am 100% sure it could become a new addiction very quickly. 

Maybe it's the love, the care, the passion of the traders and suppliers that makes this food taste so damn good. Who knows? The organic ginger beer man told me it was nectar of the gods, I'm inclined to believe him. 

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