Thursday, 1 August 2013

4 Days Pre Surgery

Well guys, you should be proud of me... Today I actually made an advancement into organising myself for surgery... Yep, you guessed it, I had a manicure..

Now before you all go.. Pffftttt WTF? I need to remind you that having no nails polished is a Pre-req for surgery, so I can state with a totally clear conscious, that today, 4 days prior to surgery, I started to prepare myself. I also asked a nursing friend what they thought would be useful for hospital attire.. Hmmm trackies and a oversized t shirt was not quite the advice this fashionista was looking for.But Im sure I am now well on my way to be ready for Monday. Oh and I wrote "pack coffee machine" on an ever increasing To Do List. 

Yep, I'm on a roll. Don't panic, I got this. 

Hugo is off to Melbourne for a few days, this afternoon, (remind me to take him to the airport will you?) Cate is babysitting tonight and has to sleepover and good ole Chuck is volunteering his time to be a backstage helper at the school musical..  So, Looks like its just me and the Internet later this evening.. Or Perhaps I could run a bath, and give myself a long overdue facial to match the beautifully manicured hands and toadies. Hmmm, I have sprayed the oven with cleaner, so in reality it looks like it's a good time to fill my lungs with noxious chemicals whilst no one else is around to witness the dry-retching.. Or wash the floors without the usual "oops mum, sorry about that, I just need a quick drink, bite to eat, visit to the bin, wrestle with the sibling" dance across my newly washed floor. 

I have my last X Cross Combat class tonight at 6pm, alone, as Cate will not be there to punch me or laugh uncontrollably at my very earnest attempts at "dancing like a butterfly and stinging like a bee". A girlfriend asked me today why I am still bothering to go to gym classes three times a week, along with walking every morning and bike sessions on the alternative gym days.. "Why bother when you'll have it all cut off next week?"

Hmmm, now that got me thinking.. I think I have finally, after all of these years of dieting and sweating sparkles, grown to like exercise.. It's my "out". My time away from work and home responsibilities, time to feel like I have achieved something. I read recently that all the good things in life make you sweat.. I actually really like it. Now, anyone that has  known me in my prior "lets get into mischief" life, will be as surprised as I am by this. I feel it's a very momentous and joyous occasion. Its finally dawned on me that I have finally got my head in that healthy space, where I enjoy exercise, I have worked out how my body functions better eating the right fuel, and I'm feeling great.

So, to answer your question Andrea, it's because I like it. A lot.

I also ran into an acquaintance from my old home town recently, who enveloped me in a huge hug, and told me I was half the size of the person I used to be. Till now I have never had a vain bone in my body, but I gotta tell you, I feel very proud of how far I've come when I hear someone say things like that.

As I have said before, I am usually a really private person and would never have considered, 6 months ago, that I would stand in the local nail bar telling the lovely size 6 manicurist, that I am about to have my spare tyre cut off.. She was lovely about it, and told me a story about her friend that had had it done and now feels fantastic. Then the very overweight lady beside me goes on to tell me about all the horror stories she had heard.. I looked at her, smiled and said " your eyes are a very beautiful shade of green" - I wonder if she realised what I meant, laying there slurping on her choc thick shake, oozing negativity.

But, as you know, I'm a people watcher, and I have almost turned this lead-up to surgery into an experiment, listening to the responses from my friends when I tell them what I am having done. I try and guess what their reactions will be, before I tell them, unfortunately I seem to get most of them correct. My Hugo would just tell me "there is a word for people like that, Wend, "bubblebursters" and you should pay them no mind".. Wise man, my Hugo. ( and gorgeous, to boot...)

Well the time has come to head to X Combat, for the last time for a month or two... Gonna give it all I've got.. 

Might be late tomorrow, it's housework day!!! There will be a final flurry of dusting and washing and cleaning at the McMansion, if you don't hear from me, look under the pile of washing I found in Cates room.. Please?

Footnote: survived my last session of combat for 6 weeks-that bloody plank twist manoeuvre on one leg bloody hurts- I will not be sad to miss that in the weeks to come. 

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