Monday, 9 September 2013

Come with me, she said......

I have been asked by sooo many people in the last few days to alter the format of this blog, from documenting the surgery to providing motivation and support for those looking to loose weight... Remembering I am still one of those people. Yes, I have had multiple inches of spare skin removed, but that does not mean that my body has changed the way it stores its excess energy. I am still in this treadmill of weight loss, as I have not one intention of ever putting all that weight back on. 
As i love a challenge, something that will keep my brain entertained, I've decided that i will try to give you guys what you want- I'm thinking it will also keep me extremely focused as well, knowing you're watching me.
Now, you must remember that I am not a weight loss guru, I have no professional credentials whatsoever in how, why, where, or what to do to loose weight. The only knowledge I have is what worked for me. I'm a former fat chick working hard to be healthy, to maintain a physical size that I am happy with, and to be comfortable in my own skin.
That's all I know.So this blog will be a motivator for myself and my family, and you if you choose. I don't profess to have all the answers, to have the secrets, or know what's best for you... I'd love for you to join me, if you would prefer not to... No biggie! 
Remember to consult your Doctor before starting any kind of exercise, but really, is any Dr ever gonna tell you to lay that lard arse down there on that couch, grab the remote, the chocolate and the Diet Coke, relax and enjoy????? Nope, they are gonna tell you gentle exercise to start- sensible eating plan and watch those kilos peel away!

I used to spend a lot of time convincing myself, I couldn't loose weight.. No matter what I tried.. So of course my brain convinced my body of just that. I walked and rode my exercise bike and drank protein shakes as advised by my daycare director (pfffftttt- what was I thinking???).... But nothing happened. I would loose a kilo here and there, but nought to speak of. I would go to special celebrations and eat nothing, but drink 1001 Canadian Clubs- but with soda water though, so they can't be bad for you, surely?

Then, as you already know, I attended a motivational speaking session in Brisbane, and it was like a light bulb went on in my head. I was such a big believer in positive thinking, yet here I was sabotaging my own efforts.  "Thin and healthy, successful and wealthy" became my mantra for the next 5 years... And still is to this day.

So, come, join me on the journey to being Thin, Healthy, Successful and Wealthy as well. Put your phone down now, get ya runners on and go for a walk.. I don't care where, or for how long, just walk. And meet me back here tomorrow..

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