Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Okay, so you've just decided to get married, have family photos, meet the in laws, go to the latest school reunion.. And you want to be looking stunning. 
You start to exercise, watch what you eat, swim, gym etc etc. till the occasion arrives, you look great, feel great, confidence grows, your skin glows - yet straight after your motivation disappears and the weight sneaks back on. Why?
Why is it that you can loose it if you want to, for something special? 
Why do you think that the remainder of your life is not a special occasion? One worthy enough to be in peak condition for? 
Forever is a special occasion. Trust me.

Deciding to loose weight is the easy bit, writing your plan of attack a little harder, and having the motivation, determination and dedication to continue is the hardest. 

We all now know that loosing weight is as simple as making the decision, and doing what's required to get there. Which, I should warn you, means sweat. It means Lycra, and it means getting uncomfortable. But I have learned doing it, saves a whole heap of heartache down the track. I know I would prefer to have sweat running between my cleavage from exercise than sweat rash between my fat thighs whilst shopping.

It also means to continually do what's necessary to meet your goals.  Continually, heaps, often, shitloads.... You catching what I'm throwing here?

I used to go to work, and be away from my house for almost 14 hours a day and what I missed most during that project, was having time to exercise. To let off steam at the end of a long day, to take an evening stroll around the park, or to attend a gym class. I could have easily said, I'm too busy, I'm too tired, I don't have time, but instead I threw the pedometer on my belt and walked all over that prep plant, up and down conveyors, stairs, found a toilet in another area and used it every time... It was 200 more steps away than the usual loo. I did Little things that added up to mean a lot, every day. I couldn't exercise out of work hours, so I incorporated it. 

And you know why I did that? Because I had a plan. I had a plan that told me I needed to stay focused and loose 900g this week, or else I wouldn't reach my target. My plan helped me stay on track.

I set daily plans. And weekly plans, and monthly targets. All were set up to help me achieve my final goal. I even had spreadsheets with charts and graphs! Lol... Absolutely ridiculous, but it worked. I loved watching the weight lost bar get bigger, and the weight to loose get smaller every week. It was a visual tool that kept me focused. 

At work I aimed for 20000 steps a day from the time I went in the gate to the time I left. Most days I achieved it, not all, but sometimes life gets in the way, remember? Any steps I took each day were a bonus. I found myself setting myself small targets.. 6k steps before 10am, 15k steps before 2pm etc. it helped me to stay concentrating on what my main aim was. Try setting yourselves small, achievable, personal targets, to start and increasing them as your fitness levels increase. 

I also left my runners at the back door. I would put them on the moment I removed my work shoes. That way, I always felt like I was half dressed already for exercise, I may as well continue. It was a small motivator to encourage me at a dangerous time for me, early evening. The temptation to say, I'm "zorsted" (Cates term..) was high, so having my shoes already on gave me that kick, to get my arse into gear and just do it.

I also reckon it's good idea to set small weight loss goals in your plan to keep you on track.. Aim for 5 kilos by Fred's wedding, 10 kilos by New Years Eve etc, but don't stop once you've achieved them. Continue to set goals even after you've reached your goal weight. Aim for maintaining of weight, for being able to walk or run another kilometre or two, climb Mt Everest, or walk the St James Way with me in 2014.. Whatever your plans are, meet them, exceed them and rewrite them, constantly.

Some people also like to have an accountability partner. Some one who will walk or exercise with them. Keep them to a set time, and use it as a social time as well. I have a friend that walks 5 days a week with a different person each day, it's her way of catching up with her friends that also lead busy lives. 
I personally don't really like it. I can never seem to find anyone that will walk at 5am, or enjoys the same classes as me at the gym. I guess I also travel a lot and I fix exercise in where I can, it's all too hard to expect someone else to fit into my chaos. I also like flexibility, being able to decide in the morning if I want to run, or walk or gym or weights etc.. But do what ever keeps you honest. If needing to have someone waiting for you at 7am on the corner is what you need to get you out of bed each day, do it. If you prefer not having someone watching the sweat trickle down your brow as you attempt to test out the holding power of your new sports bra, so be it. The secret is doing what works for you. Often. 

I had a handwritten sign on my fridge for years.... EFFORT or F it? Choice is yours.... 
I guess I just choose effort. 

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