Saturday, 21 September 2013

You are not fat....

Lets get one thing straight here... YOU are not Your fat. 
You may have deposits of extra goodness around the arse,but big deal. You will no longer be defined by the fact you have fat in those curvaceous hips, so stop thinking about it.  Get over it. You should be way too damn busy working on your fitness plans, your life goals and your healthy lifestyle to have time for any negative thoughts.  
Focus on what you want. Think about the PAC-MEN happily chomping away that extra weight, visualise each time you shower, the fat melting off and running down the drain. 

I'm a huge believer in "what you declare you achieve" so now is the time to write who you really are. Underneath your skin
For example,  in my office I have a group of photos collaged together than make a visual reminder to me of my goals..amongst them there is a photo of a fit healthy woman at the gym, not super skinny, just lean and toned. That's who I am. 
I am not my extra roll of flab which needs more surgery to correct, I am not my cellulite that gathers on my thighs like a hail damaged Holden. I am a thin, lean, fit woman in the making. I am funny, compassionate, caring and loving. I am the mother of 5 gorgeous, successful, happy, healthy kids. I am a partner, a mother, a volunteer, an employee, a next door neighbour, and a friend. 
I am not my fat. 
I'd also like to think I'm a tiny bit gorgeous as well..


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