Monday, 23 September 2013

Some hints on healthy eating.


I've had lots of messages about what I eat, what I do to starve off the boredom of the same old salads.. So here's a sample of what we eat these days. 

Breakfast is almost always a hot dish. Now, please remember that we get up to go to work at 4am, so no whinging about not having time to cook in the morning, it's faster than toast- trust me, I've timed it. I prepare all the night before and leave in the fridge ready to cook. Breakfast is really important, so please if you cannot stomach anything too much in the morning, at least have a protein shake and fruit. You must get that metabolism awake and moving!

Breakfast varies and it really depends in what's have in the fridge, but it's usually some form of capsicum, mushrooms, bacon, egg, onion, cheese, milk. Put it in a Tupperware shaker and leave in the fridge. Next morning, I roll out of bed at 4 am, turn on the coffee machine and frying pan, sprayed with coconut oil- have a shower and by the time I'm out, the pan is hot enough to cook breakfast, shake and pour. I get dressed whilst its cooking, press the espresso button... Voila. Breakfast of champions!

Sundays are special days at our home, lazy slow wake up followed by freshly squeezed juice, black coffee and fruit salad with Greek yoghurt. It feels like such a treat. 

Presentation of food is important as well, use garnishes and arrange the food decoratively, it really does make a difference. I have even bought beautiful, although not expensive, crockery, and eat off it all the time, just as another reminder that I am worth all the good things in life.

Morning tea will be a coffee and a piece of fruit, not at any set time, but when I fancy it. Could be a small fruit salad, or just a piece of fruit on the run. Coffee might not be at the same time, but I can assure you I will fit one in at least once every morning. 

I actually have two coffee machines, one upstairs and one downstairs. I love good coffee. I drink it black coffee, no sugar. Not because I'm dieting necessarily, but because I spent years working in remote projects with long-life milk, and often no sugar... It was adapt to that crap milk or go without. I went without. After being in Paris, Hugo is also a convert from dedicated tea drinker to short black coffee as well.

If you feel you still need that sugar in your morning coffee, so be it. If one teaspoon of added sugar is all you are having a day, that fantastic! Don't feel guilty about it, enjoy it. Life's meant to be savoured, not suffered!

If I'm at home, I don't usually eat lunch.. I'm one of those people that get busy and kinda forget till about 3 pm, but Hugo is a timed to the second lunch eater. I can be in the other room and hear his stomach start to growl at 11.59am for food. Because eating Paleo is doing his allergies the world of good, Hugo has also given up bread, so instead of a sandwich we make salads, or use seaweed instead of wraps. We also wrap cold meat and cheese etc in lettuce leaves, roll up and devour that way. I also make Ooopsie Rolls and use as a bread substitute.

Ooopsie Rolls are fabulous. Google them for all kinds of ideas on how to use, but my two favourite uses I will share. They are made with eggs and Philly cheese. Whisk the egg whites with some salt till very stiff, mix the yolks and the Philly cheese together and slowly ,carefully fold through the egg white mix. Bake in blobs and as they cook, they will flatten and spread a little to make small flat bread. Use as you would use bread after drying on an baking rack. I add some Thai seasoning, or garlic to take away that real eggy taste.
I have also baked this in a Swiss roll tin, filled up with whipped cream and strawberries and rolled for a dessert... Who said healthy eating has to be boring?

Afternoon tea time is where I struggle for a sweet - that little extra something to have with a cup of tea on the deck. Date and almond balls, chocolate slice and apricot balls as I suggested a few posts ago are great. Dates have a natural sweetness that just hit the spot for me. Sometimes I will have some nuts instead, depends on where I am and what I'm doing. Nuts are a great portable healthy alternative for when that nibble craving starts. Carry a small packet of trail mix in your handbag, or maybe even a small box of sultanas like you had as a kid. Stay away from the vending machines! Don't try and kid yourself that you are so good and so committed to this diet that you will not get the munchies mid afternoon, just be prepared. 

Dinner is easy. Meat, fish, chicken, protein, protein, protein with veges or salad. I do not eat potatoes, rice, pasta etc.  
Pile your plate with veges, the ones you like, no point cooking veges that you hate, just because you read somewhere they are good for you... 
Hugo makes a fantastic salad that has a bag of lettuce leaves and a small container of Aussie Mix, that has feta cheese, olives, sundried tomatoes, etc in it. Mix together, oil and all... Serve. What could be more simple than that? 

Every couple of days, we will have a dessert. How easy is it to whip and avocado and cocoa together for a fantastic choc mouse? Or sliced strawberries with Greek yoghurt and flaked coconut? 

Simple food, homemade with love, and served beautifully. You can ask for nothing better.

I know there will be those amongst you that are concerned about cholesterol, about fibre intake etc, but I am not a Dr remember? I've been asked to share my experiences with you and this is it. I have had countless disagreements with people still trying hard to loose weight because what I eat is different to them. But, I stand before you 70 kgs lighter and say, "what have you got to loose?"

I've now given up trying to convince people that you do not have to starve yourself to be fit, to be happy and to be within a healthy weight range. If your intention is to get off the diet train, get away from all the starvation and the feelings of not being able to eat and enjoy fine food, try this... If not, keep your negativity to yourself and leave us to get on with getting gorgeous, please.

Years ago my Dad told me that cereal is used to fatten livestock, and since I stopped eating it, I've lost weight? Connected? Who knows, but it works for me. We eat no bread, no sugar, no cereals, minimal man made food at all. I enter the supermarket, walk around the outside to the fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy aisles and thats it. No need to enter the inner aisles of prepackaged, over processed, over priced food. 

Hugo's allergies have gone, Chucks pimples are gone, my weight is gone, and most importantly, my hot flushes have gone. It doesn't get any better than this. 

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