Sunday, 12 January 2014

And so 2014 begins

I guess you were all expecting a positive New Years quote on Jan 01st, or at least in the first week or so.. 
Hmm, sorry about that - I figured most people would fall into the categories of New Years Resolutioners, those feeling guilty about their overindulgences at Xmas, or those already bombarded by the 'guilt spreaders and fun squashers'.

Either way, you didn't need me telling you to SYM MYA in the last fortnight, as I'm sure you were harder on yourself than I would have been..

Life happens. Remember? Be gentle with yourself. Make plans, but be open to alternatives.

Now, I'm not necessarily a New Years Resolution maker, I prefer to make goals at all times throughout the year, as you all know. But, this New Years Eve found me amongst new friends, away from home and familiar surroundings, enjoying a soda water or two whilst watching the fire works. People all enquiring about New Years resolutions, and sharing their goals for this year. 

I got around to thinking about my Grand Plan for 2014. Earlier in the day, I had checked my 2013 list - kind of  a small tradition for me each New Years Eve, and there I discovered one thing I hadn't managed to tick off the list. A small thing, which I had forgotten about, and because I didn't have these goals up anywhere obvious as I usually do, I had overlooked it. 

Now, on a large scale, its no big deal, but for a person like me who is Borderline OCD, it has really pissed me off. If I took the time to check my list, this task could have been completed at any stage during the last few weeks of the year. It was as simple as cleaning out a particular cupboard,  but I took my eyes off the goal. And as a result, I had an entry on 2014 slate that didn't need to be there. Needless to say it was one if the first things I completed when I arrived back in Qld. I feel much better already, oddly enough. Unfinished business is now taken care of, phew.

I'm sure you know that I am a huge believer in writing a list- of things to do, of places to visit, exercise classes to attend, people to see, and books to read. And usually, when I concentrate, I achieve all of them. 

Someone said something to me at New Years, that has made me think.  My 2014 list is gonna be different. 

Di is a vivacious, fit, healthy lady in her 60's who recently lost a brother in law. We were talking about my dream of walking the Way of St James, across Spain, and she said "I'd love to do that, I might only have 20 years left and I can only hope they are good years, so I'm making the most of it!" 

What surprised me was she wasn't bitter, or morbid about it. Di said this with such conviction, like an all knowing truth. She has faced the fact. Life is way too damn short to be sitting inside watching the cricket on TV.

So, in light of Di's revelation, This year I'm adding things that scare me. Things that make me feel uncomfortable. Things I've been meaning to do for years. Like ghost tours, and 50k push bike rides. 

It's time I stepped out of the safety cocoon and into the moment. 2014 will be a year of saying yes to opportunity, of jumping at chances and to making the most of the time I have been allotted.

This year I will do something I enjoy every day. Every single day. Like reading, or running, or watching a movie that makes me think differently, or writing this blog sitting by the river rather than in the office. 

So far I've managed a Ghost tour of a psychiatric asylum at night, a 46 kilometre push bike ride through the winery district of northern Victoria, visited my hometown, and my Dad's grave, hugged some very special people, watched a great movie, and had a dinner date with a friend I've not seen in 33 years. At this very moment, I'm sitting by the river, in the shade, blogging and fishing for barramundi. 2014 is off to a great start. 

Tomorrow, gym classes start again. New Year, new timetable, new challenges. Bring it on. I'm ready. I've missed it during the break. 

Unbelievably, a fortnight has already gone from the time we are given in 2014, leaving just 25 left to achieve any set  goals. Write your plan of action and keep your eyes on the prize. 

What are you waiting for? The time is right now. For booking a trip, for catching a fish, for reading that book, for getting fit and feeling great. 

You have 25 fortnights and your time starts now...

 Oh and I've just caught a barramundi!!!! 

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