Monday, 13 January 2014

Survived Day one at gym

Following on from yesterday's post about  doing something you love every day.. Today was Day One for Gym Class in 2014. Yee haaaaa! 

Yep- we kicked it off at 9 am with a Bootcamp. I even convinced 3 others in the family to come..'come to Bootcamp, she said, it'll be fun, she said' as we sweated and sweltered in the un-airconditioned tin shed, we call a basketball court! 😄

I loved it. The rest of my troupe? Hmm, well I'm not too sure. Hugo gets cranky when he's dehydrated and let's just say there was more than one occasion in today's session when I handed him the water bottle!

I came home chattering away on a high, excited and pumped up that classes had restarted for the year.. But just because I love the gym and pushing myself to the limit, doesn't mean it's for everyone.

Hugo is a great support to me, he always comes to gym if I ask, but today it was clear he doesn't enjoy it. I'm not gonna ask him anymore. It's not fair.

Just because I love it, and it makes me feel energised,doesn't mean gym has the same effect on everyone. The hard courts hurt his knees from years of accumulated footy injuries, but he perseveres. But, he is my support team, I can't kill him! I gotta take care of this bloke. 'Smash it' class exhausted him, but today's class annoyed him. First class back after an extended break - it was hot, and it was damn hard work. 

So find the exercise that's right for you, don't just follow the crowd. Find an exercise you want to do, that way, you are likely to continue to attend.

Don't just walk the same block every night though, mix it up. Keep your body guessing. Make it fun. Run a little, walk a little, skip a little. Laugh a lot. Kick a footy in the park. Roller Derby.

 Whatever makes you happy.

 Just move. Often. 

On a side note - one of the sand bags that we had to lift today was 25 kilos. We had to sling across our shoulders and run the length of the building and back. It was bloody hard. Hot, heavy  and uncomfortable. 
When I had completed my run I realised that I had, for years, walked around with almost three times that weight 24/7. 

It was then,  I had my WOW moment... It hit me then what extra pressure I was placing on my body back then. On my heart, and muscles and bones. And I once again gave thanks to the people who've helped me get to here. I'm still a work in progress, but I'm determined to build a better me. I've long given up comparing myself to others, I just want to be the best version of me, that I can be. Wish me luck. 

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