Sunday, 26 January 2014

Same six words

Feel free to message me all you like, with your hints and tips and recipes and requests for advice. I don't mind, I actually am happy to help.

I love spreading the news about how to be healthy and happy, about how to live a productive life. 

This week though, I have received a couple of messages from people looking for me to do it for them. To write down exactly what I eat, when I exercise, what I do differently, and then tell me all kinds of reasons why they cannot do the same.. This is not rocket science. 

Let me tell you just one thing, I cannot make you thin, that's your job. I cannot make you exercise, that's your responsibility. This is your journey, and yours alone. If you want to be thin, healthy and eat well, do what you have to do to get to that goal. Simple.

If you are not prepared to take the step, to walk to road to good health, well no amount of sending  messages to me, asking me to hold your hand, is gonna work.

I will say this one more time.... Listen closely... Shut Your Mouth, Move Your Arse.

Then, and only then, can you message me and look for support.. You must make the effort. Yourself. Either you want to do this, or you don't. 

You choose.

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