Sunday, 19 January 2014

I'm not different.

Happy Sunday!

I have a lot of people tell me how lucky I am to have lost weight. How good I am for being able to eat only healthy food. WTF?

I am no different to everyone else. I struggle to say no to chocolate slice, or pudding, or cake or anything that resembles cocoa - and I do not always say no... Unfortunately.

At Xmas holiday time, I spent a great couple of weeks with Hugo's family. We laughed lots and ate lots,  sitting around the camp site, chilling out and enjoying the company of like minded people. Good people, fun times. But the food, it was plentiful. And not always what I should have eaten. On more than one occasion, I caved. I tried, but I caved. I'm now paying the price for that.

Prior to Xmas, I had not had any allergic type reactions from food for weeks, not hot flushes, no bloating, no stomach pains. But... Since then. WOW!

My hot flushes have been back with a vengeance. The days I eat totally clean, they are minimal, but if I even think about straying off the clean eating path, I become a furnace. The sweat pours from me like I'm running a marathon! 

As horrible as it sounds, I have learned a lot about the workings of the human body. To filter out all the crap we eat, our liver gets a workout. Our liver is one of the biggest organs in our bodies and so when it's over worked, it gets hot..therefore The rest of our body also heats up, and produces sweat to cool down. Toxins will also be discarded in sweat. It appears I have a few to be discarded..

Hot flushes are bloody awful - but I have worked out, to be rid of them, I need to eat clean. I need to exercise daily, drink lots of water and sweat a lot. It's simple really.

I'm not lucky, I'm not special, I have no more hours in my day nor more willpower than you...  I just know that If you want to reach the goal, you have to do what's necessary to attain it.

Are you ready to do what's necessary to reach your goal?

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