Monday, 5 August 2013

1 day Pre Surgery

It's Sunday..
Day before surgery. 
Up early to get payroll and superannuation paid, all end of month invoicing completed, and final things organised at home.
My walking partner called by to wish me luck this morning, and promised to keep a close eye on the kids for me while I'm away.
Kissed my beautiful kids that are still at home and headed off for the 370 kilometre trip to Rockhampton.. 

How am I feeling? Bloody terrible. 
The tears could fall at any moment, I'm very emotional and driving out of the driveway with Cate and Chuck waving madly and blowing kisses was very difficult. Hugo just holds my hand as we drive away, saying nothing.. but saying everything with that one gesture.
He assures me that by this time next week I will be feeling fantastic, and I'm sure I will be too... I just gotta get there. 

But, as I have mentioned earlier in this blog, I am an avid fan of Craig Harper, and I can hear his words echoing in my head... "Suck it up, princess", so lets just get on with it.

I did think of something else that I need to pack - safety pins to pin the drains to my clothes so I don't have to carry them, I can almost tuck them in - hey look! Hands Free Drain Ports! Lol. 

Arrived safely in Rockhampton and checked into hotel. Drove down to the coast, walked along the beach front and windowshopped for a while, headed back to town for dinner. It was just on sunset, breeze was blowing, wood fired pizzas cooking at the pub over the road, great night for a walk with great company.

Finished unpacking the car and headed for bed, catch an early night.. Hugo is asleep before me, but surprisingly, I can settle down and sleep, without too much worry.

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