Saturday, 17 August 2013

Day 11/12 Post Op

Well the day has come for Hugo to return to work, and with the kids at school each day, I am now here on my own.
I wake at 4am for Hugo to check the infection site, and join him for breakfast before he goes to work. Then straight back to bed! Wake again when the kids wake at 7am.

Very excited that I can now roll over in bed... It's an almighty effort, and damn uncomfortable as my compression suit has clips and zippers right down each side, but I do it, because I can, and because it gives my back a rest after all this time. It's a small feat, but one that indicates I am getting stronger each day. Yay.

Bruising is out everywhere, but turning that beautiful dirty yellow, just a few tinges of purple sprinkled amongst. The wound is looking 90% fab.. With just a little sneaky bit on one hip giving me trouble. It is getting dressed with medical grade honey, and I'm using panty liners to draw the fluid out. Not surprisingly, they are working very efficiently. Who knew? 

I'm planning on taking my week two photos tomorrow when Hugo is home, the change of my shape is starting to take place, I actually looked at myself in the mirror again today.. Not looking too bad for just two weeks out. Long way to go, but it's getting there.

Today also means I am home by myself, all day. No ability to zip down the shops, or walk to the park, or meet a friend for a coffee. I don't like it. All the years of having children, of working full time, has made me feel uneasy when in my own company, I feel like a fish out of water. I never just have the time to lay down, to sit, do nothing. I'm bored-  Boredom to me usually means," hey, let's see how much chocolate can be consumed in one sitting" but that is not going to happen. I have to find something else that will amuse the mind without extending the waist.  But, Cate helped out at a cotton growers dinner last night, so there is a pavlova in the fridge that wasn't there when I went to bed. Arrrrrgggghhhhh.

I read books, I go on Facebook, I download ebooks from my library, I web search buying a laser levelling kit, I message Hugo multiple times to complain how bored I am, i shower, wash my hair, walk round to Andrea's for a cup of tea, I lay down as I'm told, I see clothes that need to be sorted, i see cobwebs, and windows that need cleaning and gecko shit...... Why couldn't I have noticed this stuff a fortnight ago. Bloody gecko's. Who invited them to the ark?

It's night. Hugo will be home soon. It's still just me and the pav. One of us is shrinking. And the other needs to walk tomorrow! 

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