Saturday, 10 August 2013

Day 5 Post Op

Woke up feeling fantastic!

I was able to get out of bed once last night without Hugo's help, I was so excited, I woke him anyway to tell him.. I may have looked like Franklin the turtle stuck on his back, but I am now one step closer to regaining independence.

I peeled my gear off and stepped into the shower for the first time since Monday. How great does that water feel? Washed my hair and my confidence immediately soared 50%.

Hugo dressed my blisters, noting one has become quite nasty - might need to keep an eye on that one. The scar itself is healing well, and is clean. We dried it off well with the hair dryer, and dressed in fresh clothes. I may not look a million dollars in my trackie daks and tshirt, but I am feeling it today.

My eldest son Jim had come to visit yesterday and ended up staying at the same motel as us, so we got to spend lots of time with him, and he met us for breakfast. Stella Rossi was a great choice for  this morning, right next door to motel, and in the middle of a Harley Davidson store, so I was feeling much more comfortable there than hanging out at the hospital. Very cool store for those of you in Rockhampton. Coffee was great, hit the spot and just what I needed before the long journey home. I'm not looking forward to the drive, the Cap Highway not known for its smooth surface. With stitches right round my circumference, I can feel every bump.

Said our goodbyes to Jim and turned the car west. We have to stop each 40 mins, to stretch, and walk a little way... Hmmm these 320 k's are going to take forever..  Once again, Hugo was very patient with my "passenger seat driving", but I'm sure my suggestions were all very helpful.
Arrived home safely, after almost being impaled on the bonnet of a Victorian's falcon, on the roundabout just near home. Bloody Victorians!

Pulling into the drive, I looked up at the McMansion's back deck stairs, was I gonna get up those? Now? 
Taking a big breath, i went up one step, then another, then another... Hey, I reckon I can do this! I know it seems like such a small achievement, but I'm so pleased with myself. Lol, it's the little things.

It was so good to see the kids, they gave me a big hug, and I have made myself comfortable on the back deck to catch up in the past few days with them. Chuck tells me how amused he has been with the photos Hugo has sent of me unwell in hospital, Cate is pleased I didn't make a mess of her jama's.. Yep, nothing's changed here.. 

2 kids parties happening in the park next door, so no chance of getting a rest, so I may just go for a "smell the roses" stroll to pass some time.

Drinking a lot of green tea which is helping with the swelling, I haven't really been feeling like coffee since surgery, and one a day seems to be keeping me happy.( and that's no mean feat!)

Soup for dinner, sponge bath, and bed.. 
I'm "zorsted"...

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