Thursday, 15 August 2013

Day 9/10 Post Op

Another beautiful day in Qld, 31 Tuesday, 33 yesterday.
Gorgeous, warm,sunny, almost summer like weather. Just picture it, here i am, off work, not allowed to do any strenuous activity, the weather is just perfect for working on my tan- getting a jumpstart on everyone before summer comes. How lucky am I? Yep, if it wasn't for the thick, neck to knee compression suit with matching knee hi stockings, I could probably really get to like this weather.. It was a conscious decision to have the surgery soon after returning from Paris, not because I had any money left over, but because the weather would still be cool enough to survive 6 weeks in this getup before summer hit.. Pffftttt. Ain't gonna happen. Already my inner thigh is growing something magical, due to the warmer weather and the thickness of this suit and so off to the local GP for some assistance this morning.
There are a number of queries for the GP this morning, I awoke to a small stain on the back hip  of my suit this morning, along the incision line, so it needs to be checked ASAP.
The fabulous nurse at my local Dr could get me an appointment straight up, and the Dr took a swab, gave me pain killers to take, more antibiotics and some cream for my leg. Hopefully it is just a slight infection and not the beginning of a seroma. A seroma is a pocket of fluid which gets left inside after liposuction and may need to be aspirated if not settled quickly. Yuk.
I had a phone consultation with QPS, Queensland Plastic Surgery yesterday, I was concerned about the swelling in my waist each day- apparently I am sitting up way too much. I thought that walking and being upright and mobile was good to minimise blood clots... Turns out that this activity was supposed to be in between periods of laying flat! Grrrr, I hate that. It means I am stuck away in the bedroom whilst all the action takes place in the living areas... How am I going to tell the kids how to cook properly from there???  :)
Cate, being her ever thoughtful self, dragged single bed mattresses up the stairs and into the dining room, and proceeded to make me a "little nest". Great idea, I'm much happier when everyone can sit around and talk to me. I still feel part of the action. I'm sure they love it too...
I made some before and after one week photos today, surprised myself at how easy it was to use an app Cate had downloaded for the purpose- I'm not going to share those just yet- still a bit raw and ugly, but it will make a good reference for me in the future. It did actually buoy my confidence a bit, I have been having trouble with lots of swelling, so to see the difference in a week, made me feel better about it. It is going to be a long road.
For anyone reading this thinking that this option is a fast and easy way of loosing weight, think again.. I measured before I went into hospital and again after a week, not even close to being back to those figures yet. This swelling may take up to 3 to 6 months to subside, but it will all be worth it in the end.
My waist can be up to 10cm larger at the end of the day, than before I had surgery. My hips are already 9 cm smaller, but no other part is smaller, all 5 to 7 cm larger than Pre surgery. I am still not back to Pre surgery weight yet, and it's day ten!.
Oh, one thing I keep forgetting to tell you, and some of you have asked, my fluffies did NOT end up on my chest as I was worried about prior to surgery. Phew... Although situated there would have been easier to sun them each day, as I have to, to assist with the wound healing.. Bloody hell, I hope no one in my street reads this blog... Or perhaps it may help to explain the strange lady that stands with her big stripey knickers against the window early each morning for ten minutes, before heading out to a sunny spot in the deck out the back to hitch up the front of her skirt?? I pray each day that most people have gone to work before I start this daily routine, and those that don't work are making coffee and watching Kochie... I hope!
Hugo home early from work today, and is working from the dining room table.. Growling because I have sat up to write this blog, when I should be laying down.
So, it's back to my nest. Kids will be home soon. Yay!


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