Thursday, 8 August 2013


Oh my goodness... What an ordeal.
We rolled up at the hospital admissions at 8.30am and we started the admissions process at 11am. Hugo by this time was starving, lol, especially being the only person in the room that was actually allowed to eat. But, he persevered, and waited the whole time with me.
We were seated in the waiting area with some people that I knew from D Town, so that passed the time a little.
All gowned up and gorgeous, after my betadine shower, we finally go through to Pre op to meet Dr Tristian. He went through all the things that were going to happen, his expectations of surgery and post operatively. He then took out his markers and preceded to mark all the skin, ready for removal.
I hopped onto the hospital trolley, and waited. Out of nowhere came the tears, here I was about to embark on a huge operation, electively.. I was very nervous. 
Theatre staff were fantastic, holding my hand and comforting me as we waited on the doctors.
Oxygen mask, small prick in the hand and out I went.
Woke up freezing 9 hours later, I couldn't get warm. The nurses were piling the blankets and warm towels on me, and I continued to shiver.
I woke with a compression garment on already, which was very tight, and restricted a lot of movement. 
Didn't sleep well at all, between being cold and having half hourly obs all night, there was no chance of sleeping.
Attempted a selfie photo at 2 am, after successfully taking three photos of the toilet door,I finally worked out that I had the camera facing the wrong way. I looked as bad as I felt. I was sore, and overtired and lonely and cold.

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