Sunday, 11 August 2013

Day 6 Post Surgery

Woke a couple of times during the night attempting to complete the "blanket follow roll", which stems from sharing the bed with a blanket stealer.  My Mind is so well trained, it usually tells the body to just follow the blankets, but last night the body advised strongly against it. I even woke Hugo with my screaming.. Oops. I did manage to lay on my left side last night for about an hour, which is my small achievement of the day.

So, it's day 6 post op, and I'm feeling brave enough to get on the scales for the first time. The Dr told me that they removed 4 kilos of skin and more than 2 litres of liquid ( presumably fat, but its also highly possible to have been melted chocolate, but lets just go with "liquid" for today), understandably, I am expecting a pretty large loss. I am still very swollen and retaining a lot of fluid, but still, its a simple maths equation, isn't it? 
Here goes... i was 79.2 kgs on my scales the day prior to my surgery, ( they are 3 kg heavier than the Dr's scales) so I'm thinking I will be about 76-75 kgs today. Balanced on the scales only to discover that my relationship with gravity today is stronger than ever- I have put on 200g!!!
Bugger! Dr told me that the swelling will take more than 6 weeks to subside, but my mathematical brain did not want to admit that. 79.2 minus 6 equals 79.4??? Pfffftttt.

Pouting, I got off the scales and set about getting prepared for dressing change day.

Hugo had been shown how to peel off the dressing tape, sun the wound for ten minutes each side, re-paint with Betadine and re-tape. The tip I have for you today, is to complete this procedure soon after pain killing medication is taken, as it is not as easy as it sounds. Once dressing change is complete, it's back on with the TED stockings and bodysuit. I will keep the stockings on for at least 2 weeks, to minimise the risk of blood clots, and the gorgeous bust to knee bodysuit will be in place for 6 weeks. The purpose if this is to keep everything compressed, assist with the fluid drainage and will assist to keep a smooth shape after the liposuction. I do feel very unsupported without it now, and dressing change times are difficult because of the extra strain placed on core muscles when standing up without the compression garment.

I will upload some photos later tonight, the bruising is coming out now, the swelling is quite pronounced and all in all, it looks bloody awful. There are a couple of small spots along my back that are still bleeding, and starting to look a little angry, my new belly button is swelling and is very tight. All of these things are normal, but annoying just the same.

I finish the day feeling quite deflated, I'm disappointed with the weight gain, with the way the scar in my front is swelling in two separate places, and the fact that there are a couple of spots along my back scar that are starting to become inflamed...

Off to bed to sulk.

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