Monday, 5 August 2013

Surgery Day

Well, the day is finally here.

I woke early as usual, and I'm surprisingly calm. Make a cup of black tea which I'm allowed prior to 7am. 

Hugo is still asleep, well attempting to be, considering I have so far, overfilled the kettle in the dark and burned my hand when it boiled, bumped the bag of oranges off the bench when mopping up the spilt water, knocked the stainless steel toilet roll holder off into the tiles in the bathroom, and I'm now happily tapping away on the iPad.. He has his head under the blanket, in some kind of attempt to block the noise.. Lol..I know how he feels!

Yesterday, I put a photo upon Facebook that shows 3 photos and how far I've come in the journey. I've got over 100 likes on it, Chuck would be so jealous... Given the fact he is sure he is the only FB famous person in our house.. I have a secret desire to beat him, I may take the opportunity in the next few days to have a genuine attempt at it.
I'm going to message the kids soon, just to tell them that I love them and that I'm feeling upbeat and excited, sure it's all going to work out fine.

Hugo took before photos yesterday, in just my lingerie, OMG.. Horrendous. I can't look at them, and will get them off my phone as soon as I can.. I apologised to him for him having to look at that skin for these last few years... When I'm brave, I'll upload a couple... Maybe.

I'm hoping to have progress updates in the nest few days, so you may see a few posts a day, or perhaps none for a day or two.

I'm off to the hospital this morning at 8.30.

Here it goes..... Wish me luck.

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