Friday, 9 August 2013

Day 4 Post Op

Woke up this morning almost able to stand up straight! Yay!
Feeling pretty proud of myself- still can't get up from a laying position without Hugo's help, but aside from that I'm going okay. I was able to get changed, give myself a sponge bath and put on my shoes all by myself this morning. Funny how its those little things that make all the difference in times like this- having someone that's willing to pick up the toothpaste I dropped, or rub cream into my ever itchy, swollen calves at night.. Hugo has been an absolute godsend for me. Although, this morning i discovered, right outside our motel room door, is a fold away bed...Perhaps I better shut up today, I might be sleeping in the car park tonight if I continue to whinge. Lol.
I have been surviving on fruit and cuppa soup since out of hospital, for no other reason than I'm really not very hungry. I still have to wear a very tight body suit for the next 6 weeks, so I'm not too keen on expanding my stomach much when wearing it, it's hard enough to breathe! It will compress the skin and scar so hopefully it will all heal flat. 
My eldest son is coming to visit today, he has business in Rocky, so will call in on the way. He dropped into home yesterday to catch up with the kids, sent me a great text message saying " arrived at home safe, house is still in one piece, in case you've been worried" lol.. He must have read my mind.
I've been getting some great messages of support from friends on Facebook, this was supposed to be a personal journey, and then my morphine mind decided to upload a selfie during the night Monday... Hmmm not really a secret now hey? Let me tell you though, I don't look fabulous today but I do look 1000 times better than that photo! 
Here's me in Cate's pj's, almost up straight- day 4.

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