Thursday, 8 August 2013

Day 1 Post Op

After having half hourly obs taken All night, I am exhausted. I just want to get off my back and move around, I'm stiff, my heels are developing pressure sores, i still had the catheter inserted, I'm tired, uncomfortable and in pain.
I had been using a self administered morphine drip, which was going well, I could use it up to 5 times an hour, but I was only using once or twice per hour.
It was removed at 9 am because my blood pressure continued to drop, I felt fine, I seemed like I had colour in my cheeks, but by 10am Dr was calling for blood tests to be run.
Results came back that my haemaglobin levels were way too low, so I was prepped for a blood transfusion.
Nursing staff were concerned that I would faint if I got out of bed, so another 24 hours laying on my back.
I couldn't get comfortable, my back was swollen and bleeding,my bum was sore from laying on it, my legs were tired of being in compression socks, I was over it, big time! 
Hugo messaged and said he would be late coming in, he had some business to do before coming, I cried. I just wanted to get out of bed and sit in a chair. Or walk. Or shower. Or anything to get me off laying on my tailbone. I'm not good at being a patient, or dependant.. 
Two bags of blood went up, and still my blood pressure didn't come up much, perhaps I just have low blood pressure anyway.
The operation took away at least 4 kilos of skin, and 2 litres of liposuctioned fat. Wow, 4 kilos of skin, that is enough to make a travel bag!! 
Here's a photo of me looking gorgeous in my tshirt nightie, which I didn't think was going to be useful, but it turned out to be the most comfortable. Easy stretch sleeves to go over canula's, light weight and stretch fabric, easy to sleep in. Not very attractive, but a $5 bargain from Best n Less, and worth very cent.

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