Thursday, 8 August 2013

Day 2 Post Op

Still laying on my back!
Grrrrr, get me outta here! I'm getting really peeved at just being left to lay here, waiting for a decision to be made. 
3 of my drains are gone, none were producing anything anyway, so that's good news.
Locum Dr comes by and I convince him I feel great, I tell him I have cabin fever and need to get out if bed. He agrees.
My catheter comes out, the leg compression machine is turned off, Hugo arrives to visit and eventually he goes to find a nurse to help me get upright.
Standing up was hard work, thankfully there were 3 people there to assist, I shuffled a whole 5 metres to the bathroom chair and sat down to bathe. 
Less than 2 hours later, Hugo and I were shuffling our way to the front door of the hospital, via the pharmacy for multiple boxes of pain relief. We had escaped. Lol
Hugo made me a chair bed up almost in the winter sun, and it felt beautiful. I slept sitting up for hours whilst he worked and kept watch.
Pain tablets were making me itchy, and I was struggling with having to itch, or wince..
A pillow under my knees in bed made all the difference and I slept for hours. 
This was as straight as I could get today.

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