Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Two weeks Post Op

Had a great few days. I'm starting to be able to get out of bed much easier, walk straighter, rollover in bed, and get out of low chairs without assistance. I actually say thanks to myself every morning when I wake up, for spending the night healing itself. The body is an amazing machine. The last two weeks are starting to blur into experience, with the pain and uncertainty becoming a distant memory. It's kinda like childbirth, but without the night feeds.
When I initially had the Dr appointment with Dr Tristian, he said I would more than likely be able to return to work at about the two week mark... Let me assure you, there was no possible way that I could have returned to work on Monday. If you are thinking of having this operation, allow yourselves at least 3 to 4 weeks to heal comfortably.
Although I have no pain, the swelling is still considerable, subsiding, but still there. Unless I spend all day laying down, this swelling pools in my tummy and legs and by the end of the day, they are both distended and sore. So, to return to work, to walk, to sit, to climb multiple stairs, would have been out of the question for me at this stage. I'm definitely better with each day, but I think 3 weeks really is the minimum time I would allow before taking on the world again.
Hugo really happy with the spot that was taking its time to heal, we have been using medical grade honey and betadine, they have made a huge difference. Changing the dressings under the bathroom heat lamps also has seemed to help a lot, visibly drying the wound out as dressing were being changed. Doctor had suggested to sun the wounds, but as I said previously,I'm mighty shy about aiming my backside at the neighbours each morning. Heat globes work just as well for me.
Spoke to Surgeons nurse this morning. I mentioned that the compression suit that I am wearing has created a big line down the middle of my tummy, from my navel to my bust.. It's like I have a 4 inch vertical belly button. It has been like this since day one, and apparently it may stay like that now it has been like that for 15 days.. Not happy about that at all. Amanda said to try a binding garment, and will send one out via express post today, hopefully that will arrive tomorrow. And fingers crossed that we are able to flatten out this line before it becomes a permanent fixture.
Weighed this morning, I have lost almost 6 kilos since I came home, which is great, but my waist is still 10 cm larger than when I went into hospital.. Hips are much smaller, but waist is not. I tried some pants on this morning which I had bought on special, prior to operation, and they fit beautifully around the backside and hips, but will not fit my waist.... I'm still a size 14 as yet- even though I am visibly smaller. GRRRRRRRRR.
Hugo's mum and dad have arrived from Victoria for a few days in the sun.. Weather is just superb, warm days and cool nights, it's my favourite time of the year, and I love sharing it with them.
They have been a godsend, as Garth takes me down the shops, and Anne potters about getting dinner cooked and sweeping etc, I wonder how long I can string this out.
Yesterday afternoon I got a visit from a lovely friend of mine from years ago, and in my excitement to see her, I slipped in my TED stockings and fell on the stairs. Thankfully didn't hurt any of the wound, but I have yet more bruises to add to the existing ones. Theoretically, I could remove the stockings today, but I can still feel the fluid buildup in my legs by days end if I don't wear them. Decided I would keep them on another week just in case. Turns out it was more dangerous to keep them on.
Gorgeous photo of yet another bruise I've collected... 

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